“And so, my fellow Americans: Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

?President John F. Kennedy

Reparations for slavery, another illegitimate offspring of has-been civil
rights “leader” Jesse Jackson, have hit the news.

The fading and desperate
Jackson, who for over 30 years has built a lucrative career on the backs of
black Americans, has paved the way for some of his “offspring” to push for
reparations, a plot that if hatched will destroy the black community and
divide our whole country. Among Jackson’s chief “descendants” are trial
lawyer Johnnie Cochran, Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree, and
Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., who, among others, have banded
together on this unholy crusade.

Masterfully, they have performed the two tasks on Jackson’s lifetime “To Do”

  1. Indict contemporary white America for something of which it is not guilty.
  2. Demand money, and lots of it.

I can almost see a single tear roll down Jackson’s cheek.

For blacks who live in the most opportunity-rich country in human history to
demand money for the sins of 140 years ago is absolutely shameful. For
white Americans or any Americans – many of whose ancestors weren’t even in
this country at the time of slavery – to pay reparations is a deep

A closer look at reparations shows it to be a divisive and evil plot. It is
only the latest in a long list of ploys by the modern-day black civil rights
movement to control the black community and divide the races. First of all,
very few whites even owned black slaves, yet the reparations movement
indicts all whites by virtue of their skin color. If this isn’t racist, what is?

Second, the debt of slavery has already been paid through a major war. For all those in failing public schools, I am referring to the Civil War, where many, many whites died so blacks could be free.

Third, blacks benefited enormously from American slavery. I have often said that I thank God that my ancestors were taken to America in boats. Had this not
happened, I could be in South Africa right now with Nelson Mandela, and
really be in trouble.

America has granted every wish of black Americans. It has made government
the head of the black family; it has integrated the schools and
neighborhoods; it has given blacks welfare and affirmative action; it has
even apologized through Bill Clinton. There is simply nothing else that
America can or should do. Blacks should feel fortunate to be citizens of
this country. We are blessed, not enslaved, and those who say otherwise are
enslaved only by their own hatred.

As President Kennedy might say if he were alive today, “When will blacks
seek to give back to this great land instead of seeking for ways to loot

The effect of reparations would be among the most devastating the country
and the black community have ever experienced. There would be hell to pay – we would see an unparalleled backlash. Whites and blacks would be divided
like never before. But you don’t hear Jesse Jackson ever talk about this
inevitable catastrophe – and he’s supposed to be a leader with the
well-being of black Americans first in his mind.

This shows that Jackson and his “children” are not striving for blacks’
well-being, but for personal gain. I don’t believe for a minute that
average blacks would actually get money earmarked for reparations. The
money would likely go to Jackson, Cochran, many of the black preachers and
others and would stay with them and their interests.

Just as money that is
given to supposedly “rebuild” black communities after they’ve been burned
down by blacks in riots (read “justified civil uprisings” if you’re Maxine
“No justice, no peace!” Waters) this cash would likely be distributed no
further than from these “leaders'” right pockets to their left.

I must say that I don’t believe reparations will end up being paid out.
Most whites don’t want to pay money for something they’re not guilty of, and
30 percent of blacks have sense enough to see through this nonsense. But the very
fact that we are seriously allowing this ridiculous debate is itself
divisive and inflammatory.

It is time that all Americans of goodwill stand up and say “No more!” A
veil of darkness is descending upon our nation, and Jackson and his “legacy”
are proponents of this evil. We must refuse to stand by and let these thugs
in three-piece suits lead our country to hell.

Unless we want to see
division like never before, and the utter destruction of the black
community, we must stop reparations now.

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