WASHINGTON – After more than a year of investigations
by local police, the FBI, private sleuths hired by her
family, and the national media, missing intern Chandra
Levy has finally been found – by a man looking for
turtles with his dog at a park near her apartment

But the cause of her death is still a mystery.

In a detailed timeline, WorldNetDaily lays out all the
major, relevant events – including new pieces to the
puzzle – surrounding Levy’s May 1 disappearance. Here
they are, in the order in which they’ve occurred:


Oct. 23: Levy, 23, starts her internship at the
Federal Bureau of Prisons, located at 320 1st St.
N.W., near the Capitol.

October: Levy is introduced to her congressman – Rep. Gary Adrian Condit, D-Calif. – at his Capitol office.

November: Levy confides her sexual affair with Condit to her aunt, Linda Zamsky of Maryland, over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Dec. 13: Dr. Robert Levy ribs his daughter about her “congressman friend” during the holidays back home in Modesto, Calif.


Feb. 1: Levy tells her landlord that she won’t be
moving in with her “boyfriend,” after all.

Feb. 14: Condit gives a Valentine’s Day card and
Godiva chocolates to Levy.

March: Levy applies for analyst’s job at FBI.

April 7-9: During family get-together over Passover, Levy tells Zamsky at her Maryland home that she
expects to marry Condit and have his baby one day.

April 7-9: Levy makes several calls to Condit’s
pager from her father’s cell phone.

April 7-9: Susan Levy and her daughter also
talk about her affair with Condit.

April 14: Levy turns 24.

April 21: Condit turns 53.

Chandra Levy

April 23: Levy leaves Bureau of Prisons after her internship is terminated.

April 24: Levy visits Condit at his Adams Morgan condo, which is within blocks of her Dupont Circle apartment. They discuss her “uncertain future,” and
Condit offers to help her find another job. (Condit later tells police he can’t recall if they had sex that morning. And he tells ABC’s Connie Chung that they did not discuss the future of their

April 27 (Friday): Levy tours U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, next door to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing on 14th Street.

April 27: After the tour, Levy calls her parents, speaking to them for the last time.

April 27: In the evening, Condit calls United Flight attendant Anne Marie Smith, according to Smith, who is in D.C. at the time.

April 28 (Saturday): Condit’s wife, Carolyn, flies to Washington from her home in Ceres, Calif., in a rare visit, during which she seeks medical treatment at Bethesda National Naval Medical Center and attends a banquet honoring congressional wives. She stays with
her husband at his condo.

April 28: Condit again calls Smith, who’s still in D.C.

April 28: At 8:14 p.m., Levy e-mails her landlord to give notice she’s moving out May 5 or May 6.

April 29 (Sunday): Condit calls Smith in the morning, according to the stewardess, who is still in D.C.

April 29: Levy speaks with Condit by phone. Condit later tells Chung that Levy discussed taking a train back to California, a journey that would take four
days. She also talked about attending her USC graduation ceremony. She was “upbeat,” he said.

April 29: Levy phones Zamsky, her aunt, in the evening and leaves the message: “I have some big news.”

April 30 (Monday): Condit’s staff drives him to the White House for a luncheon hosted by President Bush. He returns to Congress where he works for about four hours, before joining his wife for dinner.

April 30: Levy cancels her membership at the Washington Sports club in the evening. It’s the last time she’s seen.

April 30: Levy calls Condit’s “secret” phone number
more than once.

April 30-May 2: Condit calls Levy once, leaving a
phone message at her apartment, as he recalled in
interview with ABC’s Connie Chung. He says he was
worried because he hadn’t heard back from Levy about
her plans to take a train back to California.

May 1: A resident in Levy’s apartment building – The Newport, at 1260 21st St. N.W. – calls 911 to report hearing a scream in the building around 4:30 a.m.

May 1: Levy logs on to the Internet, which requires a password, from her laptop computer at about 9:30 a.m. Just before logging off at about 1 p.m., she looks up directions to the Klingle Mansion in nearby Rock Creek Park. The park superintendent and ranger use the mansion as their headquarters.

May 1: At 10:45 a.m. Washington time, Levy e-mails her parents a list of discount-fare flights between Modesto and Los Angeles, where Levy is scheduled to graduate from USC with a masters degree in public administration on May 11. It was their last communication from their daughter.

May 1: Condit joins Vice President Dick Cheney for a 12:30 p.m.-12:50 p.m. meeting before returning to his
congressional office for calls and meetings with constituents and others. At 5 p.m., he goes to the doctor’s, then returns for roll-call votes at 6:25 p.m. and 6:35 p.m. He heads home, driven by a staffer,
at around 7 p.m.

May 1: Condit has a late dinner with his wife.

May 2: Condit returns to the White House to discuss the budget with the president and 15 other lawmakers. He also meets with a female ABC News correspondent.

May 2: Carolyn Condit attends congressional spouses’
lunch, given by First Lady Laura Bush at the Washington Hilton.

May 3: Carolyn Condit flies back to California, apparently with her husband.

May 5 (Saturday): After not hearing from his daughter, Dr. Levy calls the D.C. police and asks them to check her apartment. They agree to check, but don’t call back.

May 5: Later that evening, a frantic Susan Levy places a call to Condit at his Ceres home and asks him if he knows where her daughter might be, and whether the two were having an affair. Condit insists their relationship was just professional. He offers to put up $10,000 in reward money to help find her.

May 6 (Sunday): Dr. Levy calls the D.C. police and pleads with them to check his daughter’s apartment. They report back that she is not there, but do not mention what is there – her wallet, containing her driver’s license and credit cards, her bathroom cosmetics, her cell phone, her laptop, which is open, and partially packed suitcases. Only her keys and a gold ring are missing.

May 6: Dr. Levy calls Condit’s house in Ceres, Calif.
Carolyn Condit leaves message for her husband. Condit
calls Dr. Levy back and is “horrified” (his words) to
hear that Chandra Levy is missing.

May 7: Federal Bureau of Prisons direct-deposits
Levy’s last paycheck into her bank account.

May 7: Condit calls the FBI and requests an
investigation into Levy’s disappearance.

Early May: Levy’s parents tell police about Condit’s romantic involvement with their daughter.

May 10: Police conduct official search of Levy’s

May: D.C. police and FBI agents question several
Federal Bureau of Prisons workers, but not Levy’s two
supervisors, Daniel Dunne or Tracy

May 11: Levy misses her USC graduation ceremony.

May 11 (Friday): Condit phones Anne Marie Smith during the afternoon to tell her they need to put their 10-month fling on ice. He tells her that he “may be in
some trouble” and plans to “disappear for a while.”

May 14: Ingmar Guandeque, a 20-year-old
Salvadoran, attacks jogger Halle Shilling, 30, along
Broad Branch Trail in Rock Creek Park, about four
miles from Levy’s apartment. She escapes the
knife-wielding Guandeque.

May 15: Two D.C. police detectives interview Condit at
his Adams Morgan apartment for 45 minutes.

May 16: D.C. police first search woods of Rock Creek Park for signs of Levy. They also probe the Potomac River.

May 17 (Thursday): Condit misses House votes.

May 17: Condit calls 39-year-old Smith, who’s back in D.C., around midnight from a McDonald’s pay phone in Luray, Va., a small tourist town west of D.C. in the
Shenandoah Valley that’s famous for its caverns.

Late May: San Francisco FBI agent Margaret Eason brings stewardess Smith, based out of San Francisco, in for questioning on orders from the bureau’s Washington field office, which is helping D.C. police investigate the Levy case.

May 30: D.C. police return to Rock Creek Park with dogs and search the area again, focusing on creek bridges near Levy’s home.

May: FBI agents interview Otis Thomas, a black Modesto preacher who told them his young daughter recently had a baby with Condit and was ordered by him to keep quiet about it. (Thomas later recanted his story after his daughter refused to talk to authorities.)

Early June: D.C. detectives attempt to talk with Condit at his condo, but he turns them away.

June 11: Smith retains Seattle lawyer Jim Robinson, whom she’s known for 12 years.

June 14: Levy’s parents go on national TV to appeal to Condit to provide police with any helpful information.

June 15: According to Smith, Condit’s lawyers and staffers ask her to sign a false affidavit saying she never had a romantic relationship with the congressman. She says they were trying to neutralize a coming expose of their affair by supermarket tabloid The Star.

June 21: Condit meets privately with Susan Levy at the
Jefferson Hotel to discuss finding her daughter.
Condit releases a statement vowing full cooperation
with authorities.

June 23: Other D.C. police detectives, as well as a
unit commander, interview Condit for a second time.

June 26: Star magazine breaks Condit-Smith story.

July 1: Guandeque assaults 26-year-old Christie
Wiegand along the same Rock Creek Park jogging trail
where Shilling was attacked in May. Guandeque is
arrested by U.S. Park Police. (He’s later convicted of
both assaults, and is now serving 10 years in a
federal prison in North Carolina).

July 1: Smith’s lawyer, Robinson, calls agent Eason to tell her that Condit tried to suborn perjury.

July 2: On Fox News from its Seattle studio, Smith, living with Robinson in Seattle, drops bombshell about Condit allegedly pressuring her to lie about their affair.

July 2: U.S. Attorney Heidi Pasichow calls Robinson about his client’s obstruction charges.

July 4-5: Wife Carolyn Condit flies to Washington. FBI agents, along with federal prosecutors, interview her
at the FBI field office in Tysons Corner, Va.

July 5: Zamsky details the relationship between her
niece and Condit, including his insistence the affair
be kept secret.

July 6: Federal prosecutors join D.C. police
detectives in interviewing Condit again. This time, he
confesses to having a sexual affair with Levy.

July 10: D.C. police and FBI agents search Condit’s apartment – at 2611 Adams Mill Road, N.W., in the
Adams Morgan section of D.C. – using Luminol and ultra-violet light to check for blood splatters. They look under his carpet and take fiber and paint samples. They check his drains and pipes. Three hours later, they leave with several bags of items for forensic testing.

July 11-12: Federal prosecutors, led by U.S. Attorney
Heidi Pasichow, and FBI agents interview Smith.

July 12: Condit provides DNA sample to police. He also
passes a private polygraph test administered by a
retired FBI agent and commissioned by his attorneys.
Questions include whether he had anything to do with
Levy’s disappearance, or has any knowledge of her
whereabouts. He answers no to both questions.

July 16: D.C. police search Rock Creek Park – again.

July 26: The FBI questions Condit, marking his fourth
interview with police.

July: Police search a small red Ford owned by one of Condit’s aides, a car Condit was known to drive. They also search abandoned buildings and probe the park and Potomac again for signs of Levy.

Aug. 20: Condit agrees to an interview with ABC’s Connie Chung, to be broadcast on Aug. 23.


March 6: Dennis Cordoza trounces Condit in
Democratic primary election in California, 55 percent
to 37 percent, ending Condit’s seven-term
congressional career.

May 22: A man and his dog searching for turtles
in Rock Creek Park discover a skull and other bones
in a wooded area away from the jogging trails and bike
paths. They are partially buried under leaves and
other debris. Dental records confirm they are Levy’s
remains. A jogging bra, sneakers and other clothing,
as well as reportedly a Walkman stereo headset and
jewelry, also were found at the scene, which is about
four miles from Levy’s apartment.

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