A pro-life research organization says data collected as a result of an ongoing investigation into teen pregnancy show that the number of underage girls being “sexually exploited” by adult men has reached “epidemic” proportions in the U.S. and that Planned Parenthood facilities are knowingly concealing such sex-abuse crimes.

The firm, Life Dynamics, Inc., based in Denton, Texas, said in an eight-page summary of its data that “among girls 15 and younger who become pregnant, between 60 percent and 80 percent of them are impregnated by adult men.” Some girls are even as young as 10 years old, said the summary.

“In America today, we have reached the point where a junior high-school girl is more likely to become pregnant by an adult than by someone close to her own age,” said the summary. “One study concluded that the average age of men who father children with girls under 14 is now higher than the average age of men who father children with 18-year-olds.”

Life Dynamics researchers say they also found “irrefutable evidence” that pro-abortion-rights organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation “knowingly conceal” the crimes of sexual abuse of minors “while aiding and abetting the sexual predators who commit them.”

While the initial summary “reveals only a fraction of the evidence we have uncovered so far,” researchers said, “what we can already reveal is that our country is experiencing an epidemic of child sexual abuse.”

In its summary, analysts described how one researcher portrayed a 13-year-old girl made pregnant by a 22-year-old boyfriend. The teen-girl imposter telephoned over 800 Planned Parenthood and NAF facilities across the country.

“Her story was that she wanted an abortion because she and her boyfriend did not want her parents to find out about the sexual relationship,” the summary stated.

In every instance, the group said, the ages of the girl and her boyfriend “were made perfectly clear” to clinic workers. “It was also made clear,” said the summary, “that the motivation for the abortion was to conceal this illicit sexual activity from the girl’s parents and the authorities.”

Among the findings:

  • Many clinic workers openly acknowledged that the aforementioned situation was illegal and that they were required to report it, but an “overwhelming majority readily agreed” to keep secret the illegal sexual contact;

  • Some employees coached the caller on ways to avoid detection, how to circumvent parental involvement laws and what to say or not say when she visited the clinic;

  • In a “significant” number of cases, the Life Dynamics caller was encouraged to lie about her age, or conceal her age and her boyfriend’s age, or to give a false name;

  • One clinic official told the caller she was required by state law to inform a parent of the abortion, but went on to advise the caller to simply use a fictitious address when checking in;

  • In many instances, abortion clinic employees advised the caller that if “someone were to find out about this situation,” the boyfriend could go to jail, leading Life Dynamics researchers to conclude that “in those situations, it was unmistakable that our caller was being instructed to be more careful about what information she gave out and to whom”;

  • Researchers said it was “not uncommon” for clinic employees to interrupt the caller “when she started talking about her age or the age of her boyfriend”;

  • In other cases, clinic employees would advise the caller she had already provided too much information for them to help her, but would give her “the number of another family planning facility” and encourage her “to tell a different story when she called,” advice which, at times, “was quite specific. …”;

  • In states with parental involvement laws in place and in which only a judge could give permission to have the abortion without parental involvement, the caller “was often … instructed not to voluntarily tell the judge about the age of her boyfriend. …” In similar instances, the caller was even encouraged to lie to a judge about the age of her boyfriend;

  • Other clinics in states with parental involvement laws advised the caller to seek her abortion in a neighboring state with no such legislation in place. “In other words,” the report stated, “these people were suggesting to a minor girl that she travel outside the state in order to cover up a crime that was being committed against her. …”;

  • In other cases, the caller was advised on how to circumvent the parental involvement requirement altogether, by having her bring along someone older and who looked like he could be a parent so he could sign for her instead;

  • In a number of cases, the report said, “the [clinic] employee would not react at all to the age issue,” causing researchers to “question whether it had registered with them or not”;

  • One clinic worker told the caller “if she came in with the cash, she could be any age she wanted to be”; and

  • In many cases, clinic workers said the caller could come to the clinic with her adult boyfriend to pick up birth control, meaning that “even though [clinics] had evidence that a sexual crime was being committed against a 13-year-old child, they were not only willing to conspire with the perpetrator to cover it up, but they offered to provide him the means by which he could continue the abuse.”

“In the final analysis,” said the summary report, “virtually every Planned Parenthood and NAF facility we contacted was willing to illegally conceal the sexual abuse of this 13-year-old girl. In every case, the clinic representative had never met this child, knew virtually nothing about her, had only engaged in a very brief telephone conversation with her, and was told nothing to indicate that her parents would be abusive if they discovered the sexual relationship.

“Nevertheless, they were willing – and in many cases, eager – to help this child hide from her parents and the authorities the fact that she was being sexually exploited,” said the summary. “To that end, they provided step-by-step instructions on how to circumvent state laws that were enacted specifically for the purpose of protecting children exactly like her in situations just like this.”

When contacted by WND, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood said she was late for an afternoon meeting and would return calls seeking comment, but failed to do so. A spokeswoman for NAF said she did not want to comment until she’d seen the Life Dynamics report.

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, said the evidence gathered thus far means the possibilities for future legal litigation “are nothing less than staggering.” And he says the problem has occurred in the first place because, he believes, the nation is “sex-obsessed.”

“We are all aware of the firestorm currently swirling around the Catholic Church regarding the issue of pedophile priests,” Crutcher said. But “if you look at the lawsuits” surrounding the cases, he continued, “the dioceses are not being sued because their priests molested children. They are being sued for negligence because they allegedly knew about the sexual abuse of the children and failed to report it to the authorities.

“Obviously, any organization or any individual that harbors pedophiles and conceals the sexual abuse of children deserves to be prosecuted,” he added. “But that’s not what’s happening. Instead, [some of these groups] are being given hundreds of millions in tax dollars while doing exactly the same things for which huge awards are being levied against the Catholic dioceses.”

Crutcher said concealing abortions from parents or failing to report underage pregnancies to authorities is bad enough, but he said providing teen girls with birth control so they can continue sexual relations with adult males could be viewed “as participating in an ongoing or future crime.”

The issue, he says, changes from one of failure to report child sexual abuse or statutory rape, to “actual complicity in child sexual abuse or statutory rape.”

“That could be viewed as a felony rather than a misdemeanor,” he said.

Life Dynamics said it has established a new website – called ChildPredators.com – to “educate children and parents who may have been victimized by these organizations about their litigation opportunities.”

Also, Crutcher said the group plans to take its message to the nation’s 16,000-plus school districts, many of which allow Planned Parenthood and others on campus to teach sex education or provide counseling to students.

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