Despite the prominent display of the words “No hate, no violence,” an anti-Jewish website provides plenty of opportunities – in several different languages – to read about the “evils” of the Jews and how the “deception” of the Holocaust is being used as a propaganda tool by “Zionists.”

Radio Islam is named for a radio station of the same name in Stockholm, Sweden, begun in 1987, according to the site. The website creators say its goal is to “combat Jewish racism and the Zionist ideology by information in order to reveal the simple propaganda – lies that Zionists use in order to promote their ideology and political aims – lies which thereby become an instrument of oppression of people. This site is a forum for information about Zionism, Jewish racism, and the so-called ‘holocaust’ (i.e., about what really did happen to the Jews during the Second World War, as this is one of the main themes of Zionist propaganda).”

Ahmed Rami, whom the site describes as “a former Moroccan officer living in exile in Sweden,” is said to have started the radio station to present “the other side of the Zionist medal.” Rami’s writings and philosophy heavily influence the website’s content.

Rami, according to the site, fled Morocco after participating in military coups to overthrow the monarchy there and establish an Islamic state.

“Today, this sympathetic, youthful and incredibly energetic man is one of the most popular persons in Sweden, but at the same time one of the most hated ones,” explains the site. “His political views are discussed in the Swedish parliament, and also – they tell us – in government circles.”

Says Rami in a question-and-answer section, ” I am striving for what in my opinion every man should be striving for, namely freedom and justice. In this world, created by Allah, nobody should have enormous privileges, and that includes the Zionist mafia, which has appropriated for itself immeasurable wealth through lies, insidiousness, fraud and trickery. Let Palestinians, Swedes, Russians, Arabs and other peoples be the equals of those who have declared themselves to be the chosen ones and superior to all other peoples!”

Proclaims the site, “Radio Islam encompasses all who … want to combat racial hatred, propaganda, oppression, historical lies and the intellectual terror of the Zionists.”

While supporters of Israel speak in favor of the Jewish state’s right to exist – something routinely denied in the Arab world – the Radio Islam website says it is Israel’s opponents whose right to exist is being trampled.

“The totalitarian Zionism of today is the only ideology that systematically wants to make the very existence of an opposition a criminal offense!” says the site. “Before we can coexist, we must first be able to exist. That right is denied those who are opposed to the Jewish domination. This fanaticism and obscurantism is a serious threat against our civilization and against world peace. Each one of us should do something concrete to defend freedom!”

The website includes countless links in up to 16 languages, including columns, statements and other documents supporting an unwavering position against Jews worldwide.

One page features a letter from former KKK activist David Duke in which he urges President Bush to “defy the power of the Zionist lobby.”

A list of scores of topics is displayed prominently on the home page. This includes a Hitler page, complete with links to “Mein Kampf” and “The Political Testament of Adolf Hitler,” each in six languages.

Another page displays a photo of Hitler under the headline, “If only you had done it, brother.” It features the text of an Egyptian commentary that the site lifted from a story in WorldNetDaily. (Radio Islam included the Web address of the story in WND in small font at the bottom.)

The site also proudly features an article on the Holocaust entitled “Did 6 million really die?” by Richard E. Harwood. In his introduction, Harwood proclaims that “the ensuing pages will reveal this claim to be the most colossal piece of fiction and the most successful of deceptions.”

A main theme woven throughout the site is the claim that Jews control the United States. A questionable quote the site attributes to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says: “We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

Another page features a list of Jews in the Bush administration, including photos, while still another is titled, “USA’s Rulers: All Are Jews!”

On the lighter side, Radio Islam includes dozens of political cartoons, all degrading Jews, most of whom are portrayed as buffoons with huge noses.

The site, it turns out, does not present Islam as the only vicitim of Judaism, but speaks of other religions whose followers allegedly have been persecuted by Jews. One column by Professor Israel Shahak, for example, discusses a supposed Jewish tradition of spitting on the Christian cross, a practice he contends has gone on since 200 A.D. and continues to grow in popularity.

“The spitting on the cross for converts from Christianity to Judaism, organized in Kibbutz Sa’ad and financed by the Israeli government, is a an act of traditional Jewish piety,” Shahak writes.

Although WND has run stories about Islamic websites in the past, none has the sophistication or depth of Radio Islam.

Nowhere on the site is it revealed how the operation is funded, and no advertising appears on the pages.

Surmises one page on the site, speaking of Radio Islam’s founder, “Ahmed Rami cannot be bought. For this reason he is hated and dangerous to all those who advocate ‘the New World Order,’ both in Sweden and elsewhere.”

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