America: Change is possible!

By WND Staff

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Stephen Bennett

When I had my first homosexual encounter and “came out” as a freshman in college in 1981, homosexuality still had a stigma about it. Coming out was not the “in” thing to do. Americans, for the most part, believed that there was something wrong with homosexuality, as did the American Psychiatric Association. Our homosexual activity was kept in the bedroom and out of society’s face – until, of course, HIV and AIDS brought our “alternative” lifestyle to the forefront of America. This is when everything began to change.

Homosexuals, once viewed as the “victimizers,” were now the helpless “victims.” Gay men were dying in droves, and no one knew why. In the midst of this horrible disease, we were not going to let our “chance” pass us by.

You see, ever since we were little children, many of us felt we never had the love or acceptance we desired. We were always different. We always felt deep down inside we were “born” this way. Now, we now had America’s attention – a captive audience. But we also had something much more that we never expected – America’s compassion. The day that we always dreamed about had finally come. The tables were starting to turn. America would never be the same again.

Over 21 years later, I look back at my life, as well as America today. We both have greatly changed.

Homosexuals are experiencing heights they could have only dreamed of. The stigma is gone. The American Psychiatric Association has removed homosexuality from its diagnostic manual of “mental disorders.” Vermont is the first state to pave the way for legalizing civil unions between same sex couples. The institutionalizing of “gay marriage” in America is within reach … just around the corner.

Hollywood and the media are promoting homosexuality in a glorified, exciting way. “Queer As Folk” and “Will and Grace” soar in the ratings. The major networks flourish with pro-gay characters, themes and shows like never before.

America’s children are also the latest “trophy” of the homosexual movement. Rosie O’Donnell is the model gay “poster parent,” crusading for homosexual adoptions. Heather now has two mommies, and Frankie has two daddies.

The Gay, Lesbian Straight Education Network is active in schools across the country desensitizing America’s children to “homophobia” via their “educational” materials. Under the guise of “tolerance” and “acceptance,” they have nestled their way into public-school systems nationwide and are preaching homosexuality to children as a normal, alternative lifestyle. Beginning in kindergarten, they are telling your children daily “gay is OK” – without you, the parent, even knowing.

Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., is making major headway with the Employment Non-Discrimination Act hearings to give special rights and protections to homosexuals, as well as the federal government discussing laws to make it a federal crime to commit an act of violence against a homosexual.

Major denominations have realized they were “wrong” all along and are now “open and affirming” churches – accepting the sexually active homosexual. They’ve repented from misinterpreting the Bible for so many years. Many of these mainline organizations even ordain openly homosexual men and women into the ministry. Gay churches have sprung up across the country, encouraging the homosexual man and woman to embrace their “God-given” same-sex desires.

No doubt, we are at the dawning of a “new day” in America. Who would have ever thought the rainbow flag would one day be flying high and proud next to Old Glory? What strides we have made in such as short time!

But as America has changed, so have I. After actively living the homosexual life for 11 years with over 100 men (many of whom are dead today from AIDS), I’ve realized I was wrong all along. I always desired a wife and a family – but I fell for the “Gay Spin Zone” and bought into the deception that I was “born” that way and that change was “impossible.”

All those years, I “played house” with my male partners. My homosexual partnerships and bed-pal lovers were no more than a mere counterfeit of the real thing. I was never really happy – but lonely, sad, depressed and unfulfilled – on a destructive, deadly course with my unhealthy, unnatural sexual behavior.

In 1992, though, something happened. My eyes were opened. I changed – completely. I came into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It wasn’t a self-help group, psychology or even trying to “turn over” a new leaf that did it. It was simply the living Word of God – the Bible – that showed me the truth about the lifestyle I embraced, and completely set me free from my homosexuality. Today, I do not struggle whatsoever with homosexual thoughts, feelings or actions. I don’t “suppress” anything. Miraculously, I truly have changed.

I am happily married nine years and deeply in love with a wonderful woman who knew me when I was gay and never stopped praying for me. We also have two beautiful little children – a boy and a girl. God has truly given me the desires of my heart – a wife, children, happiness, peace, joy and self-acceptance.

My friend – don’t be deceived as I was. No one is “born” gay. It has everything to do with childhood. As we would not encourage an alcoholic or drug addict to continue down their destructive paths, the same must be said of the homosexual. True love is to show these dear people the truth, in love. It’s not “intolerant” and it’s not “hateful.” It’s the truth.

Today, I have a real love and compassion to reach the homosexual man and woman with the truth. Guys and gals – we were wrong. Dead wrong. We don’t have to be unhappy, lonely and on a never-ending search for love and acceptance for the rest of our lives. We don’t have to play house any longer. We can have the real thing – and it’s more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.

Yes America, change is possible – completely possible!

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Editor’s note: The upcoming July issue of WND’s popular monthly print magazine, Whistleblower, will be a groundbreaking look at the issue of homosexuality in America. Subscribe to Whistleblower at WND’s online store, ShopNetDaily.

Stephen Bennett is a Christian recording artist and commentator who is featured nationally on radio, television and print. He is emerging as one of the nation’s key speakers on “coming out” of homosexuality. For further information visit Stephen Bennett’s website.