Joseph Farah’s “Between the Lines” column is the latest WorldNetDaily feature to be syndicated for use by English-language newspapers throughout the United States and the world.

Creators Syndicate in Los Angeles plans to launch the new weekly feature July 4. Farah’s column currently appears weekly in the Jerusalem Post International
Edition as well as other newspapers around the world.

Creators is the same syndication partner that launched Bill O’Reilly’s “No Spin Zone” column for WorldNetDaily into the fastest-growing opinion page feature in the country. More recently, Creators also took on the marketing of Ilana Mercer’s weekly WorldNetDaily column. David Limbaugh’s weekly column, originating in WorldNetDaily, was the first commentary developed for the Internet to achieve newspaper syndication status through Creators.

“I’m very honored that Creators has picked up my column,” said Farah. “But I’m even more honored that WorldNetDaily seems to be the single largest creative force on the Net. No other newssites are developing talent and features like we are. And Creators is a syndicate that understands we live in a new media age and that the Internet is on the cutting edge of developing new talent and new audiences.”

Farah is not only a daily columnist for WND. He is also the founder of the leading independent newssite and its editor and chief executive officer.

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