Referring to President G. W. Bush’s new Department of Homeland Security, former President Bill Clinton told a gathering of Council on Foreign Relations members last week, “We have been building this for a long time.” For once, Clinton told the truth.

What he began constructing following the Oklahoma City
bombing, Bush has succeeded in bringing to fruition. America is
about to have its very own Gestapo.

If Al Gore were president today, Republicans in Congress would
no doubt rise in righteous indignation to quickly kill such a plan.
However, with a fellow Republican in the White House, all such
opposition has vanished. The bottom line is Bush is pursuing
Clinton’s agenda and getting a free pass.

Consider this: Bush has already issued 57 executive orders and has
already created 47 new federal agencies. His Justice Department
has declared that U.S. citizens, whom it declares to be “Enemy
Combatants,” have no constitutional rights – none. Such people do
not even have the fundamental right of legal representation.

Georgetown University law professor David Cole rightly said,
“This is really an astounding assertion of authority. It’s not just
that you have no right to a lawyer, it’s that you have no right to
even have a hearing. If this is true, then there is really no limit to
the president’s power to label U.S. citizens as bad people and then
have them held in military custody indefinitely.”

Furthermore, Bush now says he has the right to initiate first-strike
attacks on any nation or people at (his) will. Imagine how future
history will record America launching its own versions of Pearl

Bill Clinton received more good news from the Bush White House.

Just this week, he learned that Attorney General John Ashcroft is
ready to permanently close the government’s investigations into
Clinton’s criminal activities. In other words, President Bush has
declared that Bill and Hillary Clinton are above the law.

Beyond that, Bush’s support for liberal policies on things such as
the federalization of airport security, proposed amnesty for illegal
aliens, a boost in funding for Clinton’s AmeriCorps program, a
worst-ever education bill and a constitutionally-challenged
campaign-finance reform bill simply reveal Bush’s perpetual
propensity to continue Clinton-style government.

In spite of Bush’s dismal record, he continues to receive the
support and approbation of conservatives, pastors and Republicans
throughout the country.

If Clinton would have known that a Bush
administration would be this successful in promoting his
policies and programs, he would have supported Bush and not Gore
in the 2000 election. Maybe he did.

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