A coalition of Jews And Christians has launched a campaign to convince American Jews that the pro-Israel stance and objectives evangelical Christians hold are a “blessing” to both the U.S. Jewish community and the nation of Israel, and need to be rewarded as such.

Toward Tradition, a national educational movement of Jews and Christians that strives for a “moral public culture,” plans this week to send a 52-page pamphlet to certain Jewish organizations in the hope of creating a more positive Jewish view toward Christians. The pamphlet entitled “Enemies or Allies? Why American Jews Should Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Conservative Christians” focuses on the recent change many Jews have had in their perspective of Republican politics and asks for the Jewish community to both support, thank and help conservative Christians.

David Klinghoffer, author of the pamphlet and editorial director with Toward Tradition, says Christians are “the most logical allies that Jews could have.”

“Israel’s greatest ally, Israel’s only ally, really, has been the United States,” he said.

A lot of Christian, pro-Israel constituents vote for the Republicans who support Israel’s right to defend itself, Klinghoffer explains, and these same people are the ones who are helping Israel in its current time of need.

“Somehow there was just sort of a cultural confluence of forces that just really woke a lot of American Jews up,” he said. “Israel depends on American favor and American favor is a function of Christian, pro-Israel sentiment.”

Since most Jews seem to have Democratic and/or liberal leanings, says Klinghoffer, they tend to have an ingrained attitude against Christians. Organizations such as the American Jewish Congress and the Anti-Defamation League view Christians as a problem and feel negatively about conservative politics, he says.

“There was a large number of people in the Jewish community who felt a certain distrust or worry about the cultural influence of conservative Christians,” Klinghoffer told WorldNetDaily.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, president of Toward Tradition, said in a written statement that the pro-Israel stance many Christians carry “led to soul-searching among Jews who have been accustomed to think of Evangelicals and Republicans as villains.”

The change of attitude in Jewish society toward conservatives has not gone unnoticed. As Klinghoffer points out in his pamphlet, the Fox News Channel aired a report showing the recent switch many Jews have made to the Republican Party. Also, the New York Times ran an article titled, “Israel winning broad support from U.S. Right” reporting on Evangelical Christian Gary Bauer’s recent ideological partnership with William Kristol, Jewish editor of The Weekly Standard, and noted the many other conservatives who have championed the pro-Israel cause.

With Republican support for Israel holding strong and the Democratic sympathy for Palestinians rising, Klinghoffer says, the Jews need to rethink their loyalty to every whim and prejudice the Democratic Party extends. “Enemies or Allies?” calls for not only a thank-you for Christian support of Israel, but also for the Jewish community to take action.

“Being merely a taker rather than a giver is a betrayal of Jewish values,” stated Lapin.

American Jews need to get behind conservative politics and suggest to organizations like the Anti-Defamation League to desist from defaming Christians like they’ve done in the past, says Klinghoffer. He sees no reason why the Jews can’t work with Evangelical Christians when it comes to politics, because, he adds, both Jewish and Christian value systems stem from the Hebrew Bible.

Toward Tradition expects to receive both support and resentment in response to their new pamphlet. Free copies of “Enemies or Allies?” can be ordered by e-mailing [email protected].

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