Fireworks aside, it was a thankfully uneventful Independence Day. Not to trivialize the El Al shootings, but let’s face it, our homegrown psychos usually rack up a bigger body count when they go off at the local post office, and what we were all worried about was something more on the order of another 9-11.

I didn’t spend much time watching the tube, but what little I saw did manage to boil my blood. I am so very tired of hearing journalists and talking heads delicately dancing around the central issue of who these killers are and what they stand for. I am sick of talk about a war on method and I have no more patience for those who worry about offending the delicate blushes of people whose religious leaders chant “Death to America,” burn American flags and threaten Christian, Jew and atheist alike.

It was downright painful to hear the Fox News reporters, and worse, the various poobahs at the scene, bending over backward to avoid what was immediately obvious to even the most casual observer. Come on! When someone goes into an airport and starts shooting Jews at El Al Israel Airlines, the chances that this is a random act of violence are lower than the odds of Barry Bonds passing a steroids test.

It is long past time to call a spade a freaking spade. On July 4, 2002, the Islamic Jihadist Hesham Mohamed Hadayet – like the Palestinian Islamikazes, like the 9-11 attackers, like Osama bin Laden, like the 1983 Beirut truck bombers, like the Lockerbie bombers, like Yasser Arafat, like his pal Gameel el-Batouty (the co-pilot who flew Egypt Air Flight 990 into the sea) – was committing Muslim Murder.

Muslim Murder. If we must have war on method, let us declare war on that. This is not rocket science.

And before CAIR gets its panties in a bunch again, I am not saying that all Muslims are murderers. Please note that the word “Muslim” serves as the adjective here, and not the noun. If you are not capable of understanding this distinction, don’t write to me, go buy a dictionary and learn how to read the English language.

Every Muslim who kills innocent people in the name of jihad or fatwa or Allah is guilty of Muslim Murder, in exactly the same way that a Southern Baptist who blew up 3,000 people to imminentize the eschaton would be guilty of Christian Murder, or Baptist Murder … whatever.

Of course, outside of fiction and Hollywood’s fevered dreams, no Christian has ever actually tried to intentionally bring about the Apocalypse. But if they ever do, I’ll get on their case too. Just to be fair.

Now, I really don’t care about Islam. It’s not my religion. Nevertheless, I do not want to hear any more about Islam being a “religion of peace.” It is not, nor has it ever been. In addition to engaging in aggressive wars that conquered reasonable chunks of the Middle East, Africa, India and Europe, Islam has a long history of internal violence dating back almost to its inception.

The second Caliph to succeed Muhammad, Umar ibn al-Khattab, was assassinated, as was the third Caliph, Uthman ibn Affan, as was the fourth Caliph, Ali ibn Abi Talib.

This history of violence was not inconsequential. The fifth Caliph and founder of the Ummayad dynasty, Muawiyyah, managed to survive long enough to pass the holy mantle of leadership to his son Yazid, who, when faced with a challenge to his rule by Muhammed’s grandson, Husain, did not hesitate to massacre Husain and all his followers, including Husain’s infant son.

The murders of Ali and Husain were the first great grievances of the Shiah i-Ali, better known to us in the West as the Shiite Muslims. And many centuries of similar “pacifism” followed, hence the Abbasid, Fatimid, Seljuk, Safavid, Moghul and Ottoman Empires.

Sadly, there is not the space to go into more detail regarding the serene history of this famously “peaceful” religion. Enough already. If Muslims don’t want to hear about Muslim Murder, then perhaps they should consider not murdering people as an act of faith.

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