Atheist firebrand Michael Newdow brought suit against the Pledge of Allegiance by proclaiming his 8-year-old daughter was offended by its recitation in her public-school classroom.

That entire case is a sham.

In a conversation with one of my staff members on Wednesday, Rich Chaffin, pastor of the Laguna Calvary Chapel Church, verified that the young girl actually attends Sunday school at his church and loves the Lord Jesus Christ. The little girl’s mother is a Sunday school teacher there.

Furthermore, the girl’s mother, Sandra Banning, has sent a statement to members of Congress that spells out the conniving of this father in the high-profile case.

“In her discussions with me, [my daughter] expressed sadness about the decision,” said Banning. “I assured her that this was a long process and there were many steps before the Pledge would be changed and the words ‘under God’ removed. Hearing this, she told me that it was OK because she will still whisper ‘one nation under God’ and no one will hear her and know she is breaking the law,” she said. Banning added that she was concerned that “the American public would be led to believe that my daughter is an atheist.”

And why wouldn’t the nation believe such a notion when that is what Mr. Newdow portrayed to be the reality of the case? My heart goes out to that little girl.

It is now apparent that this atheist glory hound has used his daughter to gain national prominence. He has used his daughter to promote his own godless agenda.

WorldNetDaily has now reported that as a result of this actuality, Michael Newdow is “attempting to reframe the basis of his lawsuit as injuring his right as a parent to direct the religious upbringing of his child.” Mr. Newdow will apparently do anything – even manipulate his own daughter – in order to enact his personal quest for fame and leftist activism. His story always seems to be changing in this quest to kick God out of school. The Associated Press reported that he was trying to raise his daughter as an atheist, but now he denies even that allegation.

I wonder now if the American Civil Liberties Union, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the American Atheists, liberal Hollywood and the rest of the crusaders of abject secularism will continue to rally behind this man.

The thing is, Mr. Newdow very well will fade into obscurity now, but other despisers of our nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage and our history of reliance on God will come to the forefront to take up his battle. We have seen now that his legal challenge of “under God” in the Pledge now has judicial endorsement – at least at the loony 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. That court unbelievably found that the Pledge “sends a message to unbelievers that they are outsiders, not full members of the political community.”

It’s almost funny that men of esteem would actually write such a decision. But it’s too tragic to laugh.

That ruling, should it stand, would actually prevent young students from reciting the present words of the Pledge in their classrooms.

What can we do?

I am asking my friends to do two things to continue their support of our beloved Pledge of Allegiance:

  1. If you have not signed the petition in support of the Pledge, please do so now by clicking on the link. If you have signed it, I implore you to get several friends/family members to sign it. We are nearing 1 million signers, and I want to be able to deliver the names to the 9th Circuit Court, the U.S. Supreme Court, every lawmaker in America and President George W. Bush.

  2. Send an e-mail of support to Sandra Banning to let her know you appreciate her effort to train up her daughter in the ways of the Lord. You can send a word of support to her church.

Again, please help me complete our goal of 1 million names on our Petition of Support for the Pledge of Allegiance by signing and then sending your friends to our petition site.

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