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One of the fastest growing churches among homosexuals in America and around the world is the Metropolitan Community Church – a “Christian” church specifically for “gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered communities.” The MCC was originally started by openly homosexual ex-Baptist minister, Troy Perry, who after the discovery and disclosure of his homosexuality, losing his license as a minister, a divorce and estrangement from his wife and children, as well as a failed suicide attempt, “rediscovered” his rainbow-colored vocation and ministry.

From his Los Angeles living room in 1968, Perry and his initial 12 members began their “gay church.” According to their website, in 2003, the MCC will embody over 77,000 members, spanning more than 17 countries around the globe. Tens of thousands of so-called faithful “Christian” homosexual men and women flock weekly to MCC-affiliated churches worldwide to be “reaffirmed” with the message that God loves them and “gay is OK.”

The Rev. Troy Perry, highly regarded in gay circles, has been an invited guest to the White House on four separate occasions from 1977 to 1997 – three alone by former President Bill Clinton. In 1997, Clinton “celebrated” Perry as an “honoree” at a White House breakfast recognizing 100 national “spiritual leaders” in America.

I don’t know where this new “open and affirming” world would be today without this modern-day homosexual prophet and “gay”-savvy biblical interpreter. According to Perry and the MCC’s official website, for over 2,000 years, Christians including myself, have been interpreting the Bible wrong. Maybe you have, too. Did you know:

  • The Bible is full of errors, from being copied, recopied and translated over and over again?

  • That homosexuality is not a sin in God’s eyes – but a twisted teaching of homophobic, misguided infallible men?

  • That all “so-called” references to homosexuality in the Bible actually refer to other terms – not homosexuality at all?

  • That Sodom and Gomorrah were not destroyed because of homosexuality … but because the people didn’t feed the poor and needy?

  • That Jonathan and David are the most famous gay lovers in the Bible – a biblical story of hot, passionate gay romance, kissing, jealousy and sex?

  • That Ruth and Naomi (daughter-in-law and mother-in-law) may be the most famous, committed lesbians in the Bible – (Naomi being a possible pederast)?

  • That there are undeniably numerous other possible gays and lesbians throughout the Bible who have been “kept in the closet” by homophobic Christians throughout the centuries?

  • That Jesus Christ, “God Himself in the flesh,” “lived an alternative lifestyle” and the apostle John “the disciple whom Jesus loved” literally could have been his gay male lover and, according to eight other biblical references, Jesus possibly “loved” many other men as well?

  • And, finally, that Jesus Christ wore a robe of purple to the cross (a gay adopted color), a possible gay and lesbian connotation – right to His death?

In the immoral days in which we live, homosexual men and women are grasping for every possible straw to get acceptance for their destructive, aberrant lifestyle. The secret gay agenda has infiltrated the media, Hollywood, the public schools, the government and, yes, now even religion. How sad to say homosexuals have gone as far as to try and hijack and pervert biblical Christianity and the Gospel of Jesus Christ – all in the name of “gay sex.” And America, we’ve let it happen.

As a man who once lived as a homosexual, my heart continually breaks for those lost in the web of the “gay” deception – a life of sadness, loneliness, pain and even death. Yet a godly anger within me burns even more for those who have the gall and nerve to try and make my Lord and Saviour, the One who rescued me from the tentacles and grips of the homosexual lifestyle, into the “God of Gay.”

It may be a “rainbow day” for these misguided men and women now … in biblical terms, “the pleasures of sin for a season.” I highly doubt that it will be as colorful a day when they hear the words from the God whom they thought was so “open and affirming”: “Get away from Me, ye that work iniquity … I never knew you.”

May they be miraculously reached with the truth in love, before it’s too late.

Editor’s note: The July issue of WND’s popular monthly print magazine, Whistleblower, is a groundbreaking look at the issue of homosexuality in America. Subscribe to Whistleblower at WND’s online store, ShopNetDaily.

Stephen Bennett is a Christian recording artist and commentator who is featured nationally on radio, television and print. He is emerging as one of the nation’s key speakers on “coming out” of homosexuality. For further information, visit Stephen Bennett’s website.

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