Editor’s note: This commentary contains language and descriptions of sexual activities which will be offensive and disturbing to some readers. Also, please note that Allyson Smith contributed to this article.

No doubt this is a sin-sick world we live in, yet it still amazes me how wicked and debased America continues to become. You better brace yourselves for this one folks.

In my recent WND commentary, “Was Jesus ‘gay?’,” I addressed the “gay friendly” theology of the Metropolitan Community Church – one of the largest growing networks of homosexual churches worldwide catering to the “gay, lesbian and transgendered communities.” In 2003, the MCC’s website claims it will have over 70,000 members spanning 17 countries.

The commentary exposed the twisted teachings of the MCC and its homosexual founder, the Reverend Troy R. Perry, an ex-Baptist minister who began the “gay church” in 1968. Many homosexual men and women who have left the church claimed MCC churches around the country were nothing more than “gay pick up joints” and “all the gay sex you want” … all in the name of Christ.

While researching information on the MCC for my commentary, I found things I never intended to find. What I discovered is absolutely shocking and horrifying – and I caution you with what you are about to read. It is very disturbing.

The Metropolitan Community Church of San Diego welcomes you on their website with “Bringing people closer to God and to one another.” It further goes on to say, “May you find the church informative and helpful and even a step that will lead you to a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ … please come and take advantage of our fellowship opportunities.”

“Bringing people together” and “fellowship opportunities” are gross understatements.

On Nov. 1, 1999, at 7:30 p.m., a sadomasochist workshop sponsored by GLO (Gay Leathermen Only) was held at the church hall – “Fisting For Beginners.” Several different sado-masochist groups use the church facilities monthly for their instructive workshops. According to their e-mail, they said:

It will be a wild demonstration-lecture and no actual fisting will be done on the premises, but a videotape will supply the missing visuals. Join us at the MCC Church Hall at 4333 30th Street, across the way from the Aztec Bowling Alley.

Fisting, for those of you who are not into sado-masochist perversion, is a dangerous, painful act practiced by many gays, lesbians and heterosexuals of inserting one’s complete fist and part of the arm into the sex partner’s vagina or anus. For many homosexuals, this is a pleasurable, erotic act. This is just the beginning.

On May 24, 2000, another sado-masochist group, Club X, held a workshop entitled “SM 101” at the church hall. According to their advertisement:

Travis has been presenting this excellent introduction to SM (Sado-Masochism) for several years now. It has proven very effective and well received at all of the “Human Sexuality” college classes he has presented it to as well as to all the police department orientations and sensitivity training sessions he has taught it at.

On Monday, June 5, 2000, the MCC of San Diego allowed GLO to provide what appeared to be another evening “fellowship opportunity” in the church hall for the sex-crazed men and women. The monthly e-mail advertisement read:

Bring your Leather, or toys, cleaned & ready to sell, trade, swap, or give to that someone special. This will be happening inside the meeting hall, the MCC has asked us NOT TO speak too loudly, or display or show off things out in the patio area, or anywhere in public view. ANYONE breaking the rules will be asked to leave, period. Please remember that there are other events that happen at MCC while we are there, & that this is a church.

Did you get the last comment – “that this is a church?” Yeah, right.

July 2000’s meeting at the MCC of San Diego reminisced about the “good old days.” The advertisement read:

These discussions are designed to restart the traditional cycle that used to exist in the Good Old Days, when Daddies with great experience would teach sexual/sensual/relationship tips to others, as they themselves were taught. We lost nearly a whole generation of gay men that should be here now as role-models, and the surviving older men were scattered in disarray. The preceding “Ask Daddy Anything” discussion was a smashing success, because it succeeded in bringing many good, wise folks back to public admiration and visibility. That same philosophy will continue in all upcoming discussions.

Each event will build upon the previous ones, and will include plenty of opportunities for feedback and discussion from wise and experienced Tops and Bottoms. If you have always desired to have sensual, powerful and meaningful relationships with others (from a Top or Bottom viewpoint), you should not miss any part of this series.

Monday, July 3, 2000, in the church hall was a workshop on “watersports.” Watersports, for those of you who don’t know, is the perverted act some homosexuals practice by urinating on one another, among other things, and getting their thrills.

In September, it seems the “gay” church got a double dose of “fun”: a “bondage” workshop and “piercing” for pleasure workshop was advertised.

‘Tis the season to be jolly … On Wednesday night, Dec. 27, 2000, right after many celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ, the MCC of San Diego allowed yet another workshop, keeping in spirit with all the tinsel and “lights” of the season, appropriately titled “Erotic Electricity.” Presented by a man called “Volta,” the e-mail advertisement read:

“Volta is a highly skilled practitioner of this form of play and he will be covering all the bases in his presentation. Safety, necessary hardware, basic techniques, and some of the more advanced techniques will also be covered. In addition, Volta is planning on setting up a “hot seat” for those in the audience daring enough to try it out on themselves! This promises to be highly informative and entertaining so come on down Wednesday night to our workshop.”

On Wednesday, April 24, 2002, a friend of mine actually attended this workshop at the MCC of San Diego. This person is still recovering from the trauma of the scenes they witnessed. The advertisement read:

This month, Jeff, our fearless leader will be presenting a workshop entitled: ‘Single tail whip and sensuous whip play.’ Jeff is a well known accomplished artist with the single tail and is lining up some willing assistants for the workshop. Come and learn techniques or just melt away to the sound of the whip, grins … Various techniques for throwing and playing with whips and how best to position your play partner.

At the event in the MCC church’s Fulton Hall, “Jeff” spent the first hour discussing the differences between single tail and other types of whips, including Indiana Jones-style bullwhips and how to identify a whip’s maker by its workmanship. He passed several whips around for the audience to examine and discussed how to clean the tip in case skin was broken.

During the second hour, many people were “consensually” and brutally whipped, including one woman who actually stripped to her bra and was whipped from front and behind. After finishing whipping each willing subject, Jeff proudly examined and displayed his handiwork: the welts.

If the MCC Church of San Diego is not hard-core enough for you, how about the Metropolitan Community Church in the Valley of North Hollywood?

On April 24, 2002, a workshop at the church was advertised entitled “Branding by Cauterization.” Cauterization is the burning and searing of the flesh with a hot iron. The burns are so severe, the wounds don’t even have time to bleed.

May 22nd featured “Master & Slavery as a Lifestyle” and on June 26th “Hot Wax” – sexual gratification from dripping burning candle wax onto your partner.

The group that uses the MCC in the Valley of North Hollywood, Avatar-L.A. is currently advertising their upcoming events (please forgive me for the language – this is their copy, not mine):

Aug. 3, 2002 – Clips, Clamps & Clothespins / Tit, Cock & Ball Torture (According to their promo – ‘Besides hanging up clothes to dry, this demo will show how clothespins, various clips and clamps can be used safely to enduce the most exquisite pain and suffering.’)

Sept. 7, 2002 – Erotic Shaving / Spanking

Oct. 5, 2002 – Fisting 101 (seems to be a popular workshop)

Nov. 2, 2002 – Erotic Electricity 101

Nov. 15, 2002 – Erotic Electricity 201 (Erotic Electricity 101 is a prerequisite to this class)

Friends, these sick and perverted “workshops” are not only going on in churches in California, but around other parts of the country as well. Much of this chilling information is readily available right on the Internet.

Perversion and wickedness are abounding in America and my friends, it is high time we repented of our indifference and complacency. From Hollywood, the media, the government, the public schools … right into our churches, we are now seeing the rotten fruit and stench of the sin of homosexuality in our land. The “gay” agenda has been so successful thus far for one reason: we’ve let it.

Never forget, we need to always love the sinner, yet we can hate the sin.

America: It’s high time we finally say, “Enough is enough.”

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