In this age, one of the most difficult issues facing our nation today is the issue of homosexuality. For the most part, homosexuals become extremely offended if one even suggests that their sexual orientation was a choice.

Perhaps the greatest defense for the acceptance of homosexuality is the so-called “gay” gene. While it may not be easy to “come out” of homosexuality, there is credible and substantial evidence disproving the “gay”-gene theory.

The first question is, does the issue of whether homosexuality is a choice, or not, really matter? The Human Rights Campaign, a homosexual-activist group, doesn’t think so. “The vast majority of gay people will tell you that same-sex orientation is an innate part of who you are and is not changeable,” a spokesman said. “But in the final analysis, it really shouldn’t matter.”

Whether the sincerity of that statement is valid or not, the simple fact is that whether homosexuality is a genetic trait or not does matter. If homosexuality is genetic and not a choice, then the lifestyle and act must be accepted by everyone, because it cannot be prevented. However, if it is a choice, then anyone has the right to label homosexuality unacceptable and immoral.

The scientific basis the homosexual community uses to prove the “gay”-gene theory are two different studies conducted in 1993 and 1995. The studies found a specific marker in the X chromosome that links to homosexuality in men.

In 1993, biologist Dean Hamer of the National Cancer Institute found that in 40 pairs of homosexual brothers, 33 of them had the same set of DNA sequences in a part of the chromosome called, “Xq28.”

This has caused many homosexual leaders to proclaim this “evidence” and demand respect and acceptance of homosexuality because of this apparent genetic trait.

However, in late June of 1995, reports were confirmed that Dean Hamer was being investigated by the Office of Research Integrity at the Department of Health and Human Services. Reports found that Hamer may have selectively reported his research and data – which has led many to question the credibility of his research.

Furthermore, in the late ’90s, a team of researchers at the University of Western Ontario in Canada found no trace or evidence of the “gay” gene in homosexual men. The study found that the region of the X chromosome known as “Xq28” has nothing to do with the sexual “orientation” of a person.

Neurologist George Rice studied the DNA of 52 pairs of homosexual brothers and found that their Xq28 sequences were no more similar than what might happen from sheer chance.

Despite the debunking of evidence to back the “gay”-gene theory, homosexual advocates continue to use the out-dated evidence to promote the existence of a homosexual genetic trait.

Much more evidence can be provided. Identical twins, for instance, share the same set of chromosomal patterns. Therefore, if one twin’s DNA has a homosexual genetic trait, then it is inevitable that both twins will be homosexuals. However, that is not the case with all twins. When one twin is homosexual, the probability of the other identical twin being homosexual is 50 percent. Thus, the “gay”-gene theory is, once again, debunked by using logical, scientific research.

Still, there is even more evidence against homosexual genes. If homosexuality is, indeed – despite other evidence – a genetic trait, that gene would eventually be ousted from the gene pool because homosexuals tend not to reproduce. Instead, homosexuality has appeared in civilizations across time. In some parts of the world, homosexuality flourishes, but in other parts of the world, homosexuality is not present.

Additionally, if “gay”-gene theory were true, it would be next to impossible to change the lifestyle to heterosexuality. However, it is not impossible to change sexual orientations – Stephen Bennett is a great example, and so are the thousands of others who have come out of homosexuality.

With this incredible load of evidence mounting up against the “gay”-gene theory, it would be safe to say that homosexuality is actually not something one is born with, but a choice.

Instead of using hard evidence and facts, the homosexual community has stooped so low as to use media to force feed this unproven theory as fact in order to advance their agenda.

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