Perhaps the fastest way to make America a free country again would be to repeal all income taxes – the personal income, corporate, gift, estate and Social Security taxes.

This would create at least five very important benefits:

1. An increase for you

The first is an enormous increase in your take-home pay.

Take a look at last year’s tax return or your paycheck stub. See how much you pay now in income and Social Security taxes. If yours is a typical middle-class family, that’s probably at least $10,000 per year.

When we repeal those taxes, what will you do with that extra money?

  • Will you put your children in a private school where they’ll get the education you want for them?

  • Will you start your own business?

  • Will you support your church or favorite charity in a way you never could do before?

  • Will you buy a new home, or take your family on the vacation you’ve always wanted but could never afford?

That money is yours. You’re the one who gets up every morning and puts in long hours to support your family.

You should have every dollar you earn – to spend, to save, to give away as you think best.

2. An increase for your associates

Everyone you deal with – your employer and your company’s customers – will get a similar increase in take-home pay.

If you work for a company, your employer will have far more money to spend on you and other employees. And he’ll have to spend a lot of it on you, because his competitors will have more money, too – enabling them to bid more for your services.

If you’re in business, your customers will have more money to spend with you.

3. An increase for everyone

In fact, everyone in America will have more money. This will unleash the greatest prosperity America has ever known.

Even those who pay no income taxes now will benefit, because others can hire or help them more easily.

4. Free to do as you please

The fourth benefit is that your life finally will be your own.

You won’t have to trust your employer with your retirement money, since tax deferral won’t be an issue. You could simply divide your savings among a few banks, or put them in Treasury bills, and be safer and enjoy a better return than Social Security offers – and you won’t have to worry about corporate scandals.

No more fear of an IRS audit. No more snooping into your personal financial records. No more having to account for everything you earn and spend.

A flat tax won’t end the IRS. Even if you could file your return on a postcard, the government would still force you to verify that all the numbers are correct.

Having an IRS Gestapo may be typical of most nations, but no country is truly “free” so long as there’s such an agency.

5. Neutralizing the government

Perhaps the most important benefit of all is simply this:

Politicians will no longer have the resources to cripple the economy and run everyone’s life.

Without the income tax to finance them, the politicians can’t interfere with health care, education, charity, farming, business or any other area of society.

Before the income tax began in 1913, the politicians sometimes raised rates on tariffs and excise taxes to finance their harebrained schemes. But people simply bought less of the products that were taxed – reducing the government’s revenue and forcing the politicians to give up their grand plans.

But with the income tax, there’s no limit to how much they can tax us. You can’t stop earning a living whenever the tax rate is too high. As a result, the top rate reached 94 percent during World War II – and it didn’t fall below 70 percent until 1982.

In 1912, the federal budget (in 2002 dollars) was $12 billion. Today it’s $2 trillion – only because the income tax makes it possible.

With no income taxes, economic necessity will force the politicians to abide by the Constitution. America will be a free country once again.

Free at last!

You can, if you choose, rejoice when tax rates are reduced slightly. But I want much more than that.

I want an end to all income taxes. And there’s no good reason we can’t have that.

If the feds would focus on national defense instead of offense, we’d be better protected with a $100 billion federal budget than we are now.

Social Security could be liquidated by selling off federal properties that serve no constitutional purpose – using the proceeds to buy private annuities for everyone who’s dependent on Social Security now or will be in the next 15 years. Everyone else will be ahead just by repealing the Social Security tax.

The benefits of liberty are boundless. The tyrannies of government can be limitless as well.

Which do you choose?

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