As the summer comes to a close, and fall creeps in, millions of children and teens will be trudging off to the local institutions of learning in the early morning hours. The greatest number of these institutions are the so-called “public schools.”

However, there is another form of education that has begun to do extraordinary things. Homeschooling has already outperformed every other form of education in America – and not just in test scores.

In 1985, a Gallup Poll surveyed America on their opinion of homeschooling. The results might startle a few today, because 75 percent of Americans thought homeschooling was a bad idea. Public opinion – at that time – believed that the notion of parents alone teaching their children at home was a foreign idea and questions were raised about whether it would or could be successful.

However, when homeschoolers had a chance to perform and show the world what results could be accomplished, public opinion changed drastically. Less than 20 years later, another Gallup Poll was taken on homeschooling and America changed its opinion to 75 percent believing homeschooling is a good idea.

The simple answer to why public opinion has radically changed on home education is the fact that homeschoolers outperform their peers in government schools and other forms of education.

First, on average, homeschooled students score in the range of 75 to 85 on most tests – while their peers in government education score in the range 50 to 60 on the same tests.

Second, home-educated students score above average on the SAT and ACT tests. Additionally, many colleges and universities are now more likely to be interested in homeschooled students because of their above-average results.

Third, homeschoolers have been ruling the academic “bees” for some time now. Year after year, homeschoolers have been in the top placements for the Geography Bee, Spelling Bee and the USA Math Olympiad.

Even after the successes of homeschooling, the National Education Association still continues to raise the issue of socialization. You would think, by now, we would be past this fundamental issue. Yet, homeschooling is not just about results, test scores and the future business success of a student, but the time spent the way it should be – with families living their daytime hours together.

Government-run public schools have had their chance. For over 100 years, schools have been run publicly by the government and – from the beginning – it has been going downhill alongside the intelligence of America.

In addition, you can see severe lower standards in government schools these days. When students have a 3.6 Grade Point Average and score below 20 on the ACT and have to take remedial classes in college, you know we have a problem with standards in schools.

However, test scores and results on the ACT and SAT are not the worst problem facing government schools. But, rather, it is the intentional indoctrination that is taking place in many schools, under the banner of “hate-crime prevention,” “tolerance,” and “multiculturalism.”

Yet, while some school districts are accomplishing good results, most are not. Education expert and nationally known author Thomas Sowell said, “If every parent in America knew what was really going on in public schools, there would be a revolution.”

He was right. American parents are becoming aware of what is happening in our schools and reform has just now begun to take shape.

What’s this reform I speak of, you ask? It’s the reform that is taking place by responsible American parents taking their children out of government schools. The only element that has a chance of saving public education is competition between private education and public education.

Therefore, I call upon parents to take their children out of public schools, ensure their ability to perform in the business world as an adult, and choose the greatest form of education: parents teaching their children at home.

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