A non-profit legal foundation has filed suit against Planned Parenthood clinics in Los Angeles and San Diego on behalf of a California woman who alleges she was required to offer medical services – including assisting physicians with abortions – that she was not licensed to perform.

The United States Justice Foundation action, filed on behalf of ex-employee Megan Allen, names as defendants the National Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Riverside counties and Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles. The suit alleges the facilities participated in “unlawful business practices” and “wrongful termination.”

The facilities allegedly permitted “unlicensed personnel … to assist in the performance of abortions and to diagnose, evaluate and treat medical conditions,” the complaint said.

Lawyers for USJF say the clinic was also “blatant” about its use of unqualified staffers. According to one clinic job description, new hires need only a high school diploma to be qualified, even though they are required to be involved in caring for abortion patients.

“Exhibit 3” of the complaint, a copy of which was obtained by WorldNetDaily, is the official job description given to Allen by clinic staff and signed by her. Called “Surgical Services Assistant Center Manager,” the job profile required her to have direct patient-care contact.

“Education” required for the position says only that candidates need a “High School diploma or equivalent experience.”

“Other” job duties include “willing to work in all areas of the center,” without specifically exempting medical treatment areas. And under a heading entitled, “Detailed Duties and Responsibilities,” employees must “assist physician with [abortion] procedure.”

The complaint also said some medical procedures were performed without proper supervision, and that Allan witnessed them personally.

Included in papers filed with the court was a job description Allen says was given to her by officials of the San Diego/Riverside facilities, requiring “persons with no formal post-secondary education to make medical diagnoses and to render medical treatment without a license,” said the complaint.

WorldNetDaily could not reach the clinics for comment.

Richard Ackerman, litigation counsel for USJF, said the clinics’ alleged violations were some of the worst he’s seen.

“I spent a decade doing medical malpractice cases,” he told WorldNetDaily. “This [case] is unbelievable. It’s a time bomb.”

Ackerman said Allen, a trained surgical technician, was hired in an administrative position. However, clinic supervisors immediately put her to work assisting abortions, he said, even though she had no training or certification to perform those duties.

He said Allen began pointing out medical procedural discrepancies “almost immediately, but [clinic staff] told her, ‘Don’t worry about it.'”

In one example, Ackerman said, an “eastern European” woman came to the clinic for an abortion, but didn’t speak English. “[Allen] asked, ‘Are you [clinic supervisors] going to get someone in here who can speak her language and get her informed consent?'” but clinic supervisors allegedly dismissed her.

When her complaints began to come more frequently, the clinic fired her.

“It would appear that the poster boys of ‘Roe v. Wade’ should be on wanted posters instead,” Ackerman said.

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