Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, a long-standing reputable organization which places children with same-sex adult mentors, has just enforced its 25-year nondiscrimination policy toward homosexual mentors as “law of the land” – now a binding policy on its over 500 local affiliates. Many within their ranks, as well as Americans around the country, are outraged.

This 98-year-old youth organization has been instrumental in giving children hope, encouragement and the loving support they’ve needed to overcome their rocky start early on in life. The BBBSA has served as the much-needed bridge by assisting these children to successfully move on physically, mentally and emotionally – into adulthood.

Sadly though, this past week, the near-century-old institution has become yet another trophy – the latest prize of the homosexual agenda’s grand scam to convert America.

Knocking down anyone and everyone in their path, homosexual activists continue their relentless media marketing of their “alternative lifestyle” as normal, inborn and unchangeable. They gloat over their ever growing tallies and lists of corporations, businesses and organizations which are “gay” friendly. They will do anything and everything to continue assimilating all of America into their web of deception. They want your tolerance and acceptance of their homosexual lifestyle – and they will not stop until they get it.

Focus on the Family’s Bill Maier said that the BBBSA should realize that “matching fatherless boys, starving for attention, with homosexual men is reckless and irresponsible, not to mention a recipe for disaster.”

As a former homosexual, I couldn’t agree more. Many of these children are already highly predisposed to going down the homosexual path. Unlike the “gay” spin we are constantly fed, no one is born homosexual. You don’t need to be a psychologist to figure out it has everything to do with the childhood.

In most cases, this homosexual predisposition begins with the lack of relationship with the same-sex parent – whether physical or emotional. This is one of the key red flags of the beginning of homosexuality in a child.

With the same-sex parent missing from the picture, the child gravitates toward the parent and peers of the opposite sex. In many cases, the child then tragically ‘detaches’ from members of their own sex.

From early on in life, these children feel different from the rest of the boys or girls and feel they don’t measure up. It’s at this stage many boys begin taking on feminine qualities, and the girls develop masculine ones. An unnatural role reversal and questioning of gender begins to take place – as well as the homosexual thoughts, feelings and attractions toward their peers of the same-sex. Thus, the birthing of a homosexual.

Placing a child who is experiencing this “gender confusion” with a homosexual Big Brother or Big Sister can be the conduit into the homosexual lifestyle. Even more so, a child who has no sexual feelings towards those of the same sex can be easily influenced or swayed by a homosexual authority figure or role model who abuses their mentorship. Worst-case scenario: They can be sexually abused – and it has been going on for years.

Big Brothers Big Sisters nondiscriminatory policy toward homosexuals is clearly an open door for tragedy and, unfortunately, the Big Brothers Big Sisters sex-abuse scandal is breaking even as we speak.

On April 28, 2001, the Fox television show “America’s Most Wanted” featured a homosexual offender on-the-run who infiltrated the BBBSA.

Tim Brown, a “Big Brother” and 34-year-old homosexual pedophile, sexually molested his “Little Brother” – a 10-year-old boy the organization should have never placed with him.

In 1999, Brown became a volunteer mentor in the Salt Lake City Chapter of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Utah. Even though Big Brothers Big Sisters was well aware of Brown’s prior criminal record, the organization still allowed him and gave him full, unsupervised access to work with a boy in need of a positive, male role model.

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s detectives say Brown betrayed the trust placed in him and used his status as a Big Brother to sexually abuse the little boy he was matched with. Charges: Aggravated sex abuse of a child, sodomy on a child, sexual exploitation of a minor, and dealing in harmful material to a minor.

Tim Brown was successfully apprehended by police four days later in Vancouver, Wash. – a direct result of the “America’s Most Wanted” broadcast – their 665th capture overall.

Unfortunately, Brown’s case is not out of the ordinary. Go on the Internet yourself and a do a search. In the short time I did, I was shocked at the numerous counts I found of homosexual molestation cases of Big Brothers and Big Sisters nationwide.

A 30-year-old man in Massachusetts, soccer coach and Big Brother: charged with three counts of homosexual molestation to minors – one being his “Little Brother” placed by the BBBSA.

The Police Department of Keene, N.H., did a three-year nationwide sting operation on child Internet pornography. Among those caught in their dragnet:

A college professor, age 49, from Pennsylvania – and a Big Brother. Also snagged: an advertising sales representative, age 30, from Tennessee – previously convicted as a sex offender – and a Big Brother.

The cases go on and on.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Mark my words – we have another homosexual scandal of major proportions like that of the Catholic church – brewing and unfolding right before our eyes.

How does the national office of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America respond?

Judy Vredenburgh, president of BBBSA says, “We’re absolutely brilliant in screening out any inappropriate person. Our track record of protecting the child on one hand, and positively influencing them on the other – we’re really proud of it.”

BBBSA says they have dealt with “occasional” sex-abuse allegations and cases over the years – less than 10 a year in a program that matches 220,000 children with mentors. I say even one is too many.

BBBSA say they inform the parent of the potential Big Brother or Big Sister of race, religion and sexual orientation. The parent can be selective of whom they choose. I wonder, though, did the BBBSA inform the parent of Tim Brown’s victim of his previous convictions and potential homosexual molestation of the child?

Noreen Shanfelter, spokesperson for the BBBSA, said parents may have less say in the selection of homosexual volunteers who work with their children at schools. It is possible, she admits, a child would be matched with a homosexual mentor – without the parent’s knowledge or consent.

A very troubling homosexual pedophile organization – BoyLovers – encourages sex between men and little boys. They talk about how to “befriend” the child, how to develop a relationship with the parents and how to get the parents to allow you to have “time alone” with the boy.

In this time alone, they talk of ” … kissing, hugging, touching … eventually leading to mutual masturbation.” They say this man-boy relationship is healthy for all involved, and will ” … bring the child closer to his parents.”

This organization continually refers to the “model” of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program of older adults with little children and say they believe many BoyLovers are involved in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America – nationwide.

Friend, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is sitting on a bomb ready to explode. America’s children are in grave danger and at serious risk. While they have a policy of keeping Big Brothers and Big Sisters away from children of the opposite sex due to potential sex abuse, how in the world can they overlook and justify allowing homosexual mentors with children of the same sex? Statistics clearly prove homosexual molestations of children occur at much higher rates than heterosexual ones (homosexual population vs. heterosexual population).

In conjunction with concerned citizens and pro-family organizations around the country, I am leading a nationwide effort to get Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to return to their roots and reverse their illogical decision of allowing homosexual mentors.

BBBSA – please – do not put America’s children in danger! The numerous cases of abuse already within your organization over the years – let alone this past year’s Catholic homosexual priest scandal – should serve as a warning sign and a wake up call to the seriousness and urgency of this matter.

Friend, this issue is not about homosexuals, nor homosexual rights. This is about America’s children – and the protection of them. Join us and thousands of others around the country by signing our online petition which will be distributed to the national office of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, as well as all 500 local chapters around the nation.

America, please – we can make a difference – for the sake of the children.

Stephen Bennett is a Christian recording artist and commentator who is featured nationally on radio, television and print. He is emerging as one of the nation’s key speakers on “coming out” of homosexuality. For further information visit Stephen Bennett’s website.

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