The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has ordered the owners of a website to “immediately cease communicating hate messages” that the panel deems discriminatory against homosexuals.

According to the website of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, this is the tribunal’s second ruling this year involving a so-called “hate site.” The five-member commission refers certain matters to the tribunal for action.

Homosexual Mark Schnell filed complaints with the commission in 1999 and 2000, claiming that John Micka and Machiavelli and Associates Emprize Inc. discriminated against him. He felt the site communicated messages likely to expose “persons to hatred and contempt based on their sexual orientation.” Schnell said the comments on the site were “offensive and derogatory, and that these messages implied that homosexuals are pedophiles,” according to a news release from the commission.

Vowing to “report the truth via the pen,” Citizens Research Instrument, the website in question, describes itself as “anti-pedophile” but not “anti-gay.” Founder of the site John Micka says its goal is to “promote citizens’ awareness that their court system in Vancouver and Beautiful British Columbia is providing safe haven for homosexual pedophiles.”

“Spreading hate is against the law in this country and will not be tolerated,” stressed Mary Gusella, newly appointed chief commissioner, “and we will continue to serve the interests of Canadians by ensuring that meritorious complaints are reviewed by the tribunal.”

Tribunal Chairman Grant Sinclair said, “If the telephone is ideally suited to spread prejudicial ideas, the Internet is even better positioned. It is a very public form of communication, inexpensive, easily accessed, and can communicate many messages simultaneously to a worldwide audience.”

The tribunal’s action in January involved a website the panel said subjected Jews to “hatred or contempt.”

Micka is less than impressed with the tribunal’s decision.

“I do not plan to dignify the tribunal ‘decision’ by appealing it,” he told WorldNetDaily. “[It] was predictable and expected. The fix was in from the very beginning. . .”

Continued Micka, “It would appear that in Canada if you are politically incorrect, you are wrong. In my opinion, the ‘Canadian Human Rights Police’ is made up of inept bureaucrats and impotent lawyers who would otherwise be unemployed. Paying them any heed is the same as paying attention to what [former Vice President] Dan Quayle has to say.”

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