Iran paper compares
Bush, Hitler

By WND Staff

The Iranian Farsi-language daily Jumhur-ye Islami recently devoted an editorial to the parallels between George W. Bush’s America and Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany, according to a translation provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

The article appeared Aug. 17, just days after Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei referred to President Bush as “Hitler.”

“There is a great resemblance between the behavior of today’s Americans and the behavior of the Nazis,” said Khamenei in language reiterated in the editorial. “The language of the U.S. president resembles the language of Hitler. This boasting of the strength of the Western powers has become so embarrassing that the president of a country who brags of [his support] for human rights and freedom talks with the people of the world in the language of Hitler … ”

The editorial continued: “These are some of the words of Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the revolution … For the past half-century, the language of the Americans has always been the language of power and coercion. If Hitler had had to show the face of a bloodthirsty dictator, he would have had to adopt [the face of] George W. Bush … who has, for the past 20 months, since the beginning of his rule, taken on the pattern of Hitler’s behavior in international relations.”

“There is a great resemblance between the behavior of today’s Americans and the behavior of the Nazis then: terrorizing other countries, seeking to rule over [them], intervening aerially [by bombing], and making a mockery of all the international rules and treaties.”

The paper charged Americans are infected with “Satanic pride.”

“The Nazis of that time talked of the need to change Europe’s political geography, of the need to topple some of the ‘unnecessary’ regimes (Poland, Czechoslovakia), of terrorizing Europe with the Nazi movement, and of shaping Europe in accordance with the caprices of the Germans,” said the editorial. “The same dangerous phenomenon appears today, fully, under the heading of ‘the new world order,’ in the form of a unilateral American struggle to topple a number of governments (Afghanistan, Iraq), to terrorize the Middle East through the Zionist [movement], and to create conditions that will secure American aspirations in the region.”

The editorial continued: “If in those days Adolf Hitler saw himself as determining… the changes in Europe and in the world, today Bush – with his Zionist advisers – sees himself … [as worthy] of the same admiration. [Like the Nazis], the Americans think themselves above international resolutions. They themselves did not sign the convention forbidding the creation and expansion of the [arsenal] of nuclear weapons, but they force others to abide by it. They threaten the world with the non-extradition of criminal American civilians and soldiers to the International War Crimes Court … They carve up Iraq’s land with great pleasure, and even talk about carving up Saudi Arabia. They talk frequently of disarmament in the region, but at the same time equip Israel with the worst weapons of mass destruction and defend the criminals of this false regime, their [urge for] expansion, and their terror.”

“The Americans are infected today with satanic pride and arrogant egotism. This egotism was not diminished throughout the 20th century, which gave birth to two destructive world wars. Although the aggressors were completely humiliated by the end of the two wars, there is a fear that the American [Bush] – the hands of whose criminals stir up most of the world’s political crises, as he tramples with his soldiers’ boots upon the rights of the nations: Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and other places in the world that are on the brink of conflagration – [this] Bush is heading towards a dead end on the same path on which the dictators who caused the two world wars also reached [a dead end].”

The paper, noted for its conservative, hard-line support of the current mullah regime, went on with the analogy: “All the countries … of the world demanded, under the same circumstances, [that the world] not remain indifferent in the face of a regime that intervenes militarily and politically [in other countries’ affairs]. The lesson of the bitter events of the last century – for us, for the new generation, and for the generations to come – is that if the aggressors are not punished for their deeds … no law, no country, no political regime anywhere in the world will be immune to the cruel nature of [American] arrogance.”

“We wish to conclude with the words of Ayatollah Khamenei, from his address to the 42nd session of the United Nations General Assembly in September-October 1987: ‘… Our message to all the peoples and countries that wish to remain independent and do not wish to obey the desires and caprices of the superpowers is: ‘Do not fear them, and rely [only] on yourselves and on your people.’ Our message is that all the world – which previously, too, did not have to tolerate [this situation] – must say to the superpowers: ‘Go home, and leave the world in the hands of its inhabitants…'”

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