America’s straw house

By Rebecca Hagelin

It’s as elementary as the story of “The Three Little Pigs.” Who doesn’t understand the moral of the childhood fable told ’round the world? The strength of a home is determined by the materials from which the structure is built. Build the house from straw, and you’ve got a weaker structure than one made from brick. It’s just that simple.

The same basic principle applies to a society. But instead of bricks or straw, the building element of every society is the family unit. Change the composition of the family, and you also change the look, feel and strength of the society in which those families live.

From time immemorial, the basic family unit has started with a man and a woman committed to each other in marriage. If there are to be children, it is the man and woman who make them. Like I said before, this is pretty basic stuff. When explained to children this story is often entitled, “The Birds and the Bees.”

The important lessons taught in both “The Three Little Pigs” and “The Birds and the Bees” are not merely religious tenets to be discarded at will, but are universal, undeniable fundamentals of life.

Yet, there are those who would have American society undergo the single greatest social experiment of all time – they seek to radically change the composition of the family from its basic “man-woman” make-up to “man-man” and “woman-woman.” These same radicals also seek to have us believe that such couples should marry and enjoy all the benefits of the union – including children. These radicals often claim that they just want to have the right to love. Others, who less advocate but are more apathetic, shrug their shoulders and say they really don’t care.

How can any thinking person “not care” about such a profound change in the fundamental unit of our society?

To accept the reconstruction of this basic building block would result in the complete overhauling of America. The advocates don’t want to simply have the right to love – they want it all: legal marriage, spousal benefits and the right to conceive babies and adopt children.

On this last point you must not be fooled – contrary to current hype, their big picture doesn’t stop at adopting the “unwanted” children from foster care – they want to compete for the adoption of children on a level playing field with couples composed of potential moms and dads. Their vision is to be treated as equals with traditional couples in every single facet of life with absolutely no acknowledgement of their obvious fundamental differences and weaknesses.

The old adage, “As the family goes, so goes the nation” is as undeniably true as are the facts of life. Of course, individual families undergo natural changes over the years – death often enters the picture, causing some children to be displaced or left with one parent, or different parents altogether. But just as bricks age, with one here or there becoming weaker, the strength of the many maintains the integrity of the overall structure.

However, the significant increase in divorce and children being born out of wedlock seen in recent years has caused American society to weaken, and has resulted in a plethora of problems. Too many broken families – like too many broken bricks – threaten our entire society with collapse.

We should be developing ways to repair our families and nation – not considering new policies that will lead to their demise.

Those who seek to radically overturn American society are so clever in their tactics that many Americans are in the same position as the proverbial lobster in the pot. The temperature has been turned up so gradually over the years that the poor sot doesn’t know his own goose is about to be cooked.

They, with the help of the mass media, are turning up the heat every day. Peter Roff of UPI recently reported that the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association has published a stylebook to supplement those already in use at news media around the nation. According to Roff, the new entries include terms such as “civil union, commitment ceremony and special rights, and provides usage notes on the terms gay, lesbian, straight and transgender.”

Such phrases were definitely not included in the timeless lessons of “The Three Little Pigs” or “The Birds and the Bees.” If these terms and the lifestyles they represent become a part of our daily culture, the new America will be a house made of straw. With or without “a huff and a puff,” straw houses always fall down.