Why are liberals never called to task for their errors?

By Hal Lindsey

It is truly an amazing thing. The fainthearted liberals who are always making such dire predictions of disaster for every bold move the U.S. makes in its own defense are never penalized when they are wrong. When their predictions prove wrong, as they do almost all of the time, nothing is ever said about it. They are never censored or called to task for their irresponsible – and potentially destructive – actions.

However, God help the president and his cabinet who act boldly when America faces clear and apparent danger if they encounter tough opposition. Politically, it becomes like blood in the water with a school of sharks. The “I-told-you-sos” are given unlimited time and space in the liberal-dominated media to crucify them.

Doesn’t this kind of situation create a national atmosphere of inaction? The people championed by our liberal media are the timid and shortsighted leaders. Their “accomplishments” are legion. Let’s review a few.

They allowed Hitler to rise to power, gave us Pearl Harbor for lack of preparation and action, failed to finish the job in North Korea and Baghdad. Yeah, they snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory numerous times by not finishing the job when we had the victory in sight. So as a result, we have foes like North Korea and Iraq who must be fought again under far more dangerous conditions.

Where was the outrage against these messengers of doom who said we would lose thousands of soldiers if we fought Iraq in the Gulf War? Who censured and called them to task when they missed again in warning us about disaster if we fought in Bosnia? Why is there no condemnation today for those who stopped us from going to Baghdad and finishing Saddam Hussein for fear of a Muslim reaction?

Why is it that these same “hand-wringing prophets of doom” are always the ones who get unlimited primetime to warn America not to take action in the face of clear and apparent danger? Why is their word taken over the word of military and intelligence experts?

Our “European allies” warn us not to attack Iraq because we have no evidence that they have nuclear weapons. Yet they are the ones selling the technology to Iraq that helps them build nuclear weapons. France and Germany are both guilty of violating the U.N. trade embargo against Iraq. Russia is one of the latest critics of U.S. plans to attack Iraq. They have just signed a deal to build five nuclear reactors in Iraq. And let us not forget, it was European timidity and inaction that allowed Hitler to gain the power to start World War II.

There is only one nation that faces real danger of attack if we invade Iraq – Israel. And they back us without reservation. This is the same nation which, in 1967, faced imminent attack by the combined might of seven Muslim nations, including Iraq. They won because they boldly attacked first. They know that timidity and inaction brings disaster and defeat. Only this time, the stakes are much higher. They know that if we wait until Saddam has deliverable nuclear weapons, hundreds of thousands will die.

Some of our faint-hearted leaders suggest another compromise: Send inspectors back in to assess whether Saddam has nuclear weapons. This has already been tried. According to reliable intelligence, Iraq continued to build weapons of mass destruction right under their noses.

Saddam has violated every aspect of the treaty he signed to save his neck and end the Gulf War. He has continued on a course of building weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. No further justification is needed to attack immediately and end this menace to the world.

As far as upsetting the Muslim world, it will send them a message that the same thing awaits them if they continue on the path of terrorism. They know how to read that message very well.