Musings from an Infidel: 9-11 one year onward

By Craige McMillan

Are those of you in the Muslim world surprised that America survived your attempt to destroy our financial system, our military defenses and our democratic form of government?

Of course you are! You had no backup. Your plan was bold, brilliant and overreaching. But it died when that plane crashed nose-first into a muddy Pennsylvania field, forced there by the victims you so despised. That airplane was intended for the Capitol or White House, and from the ruins you would implement Islamic law throughout the Western world. But the God whose people you persecute – Jews and Christians – refused to permit that destruction at your hands.

It is true that America is not what God intended it to be. Each year we donate billions to charity worldwide, but we often direct those funds to profit those in power in our own nation. It is true that our citizens have become overly materialistic, which has dulled their perception of our need for God – something you understand better than us. It is true that many financial institutions and corporations have been taken over by greedy, wicked, selfish men and women who harm others for their own gain. We are only now beginning to deal with these individuals. Perhaps you are wiser to deal with them in the manner you do in your nations.

You understand well that our nation has been hijacked by secularists; is that why you thought you could hijack it for Islam? Secularists believe that all gods are equal, and equal fantasies. Secularists persist in the absurd notion that we were created from nothing, and revert to nothing when our lives are over – yet they somehow imagine that our lives have meaning while we are here. It’s a curious belief, isn’t it? I don’t understand it, either.

Being religious people, you do understand that there is a war raging, and that it has been going on for a very long time. We trace it back to the very beginning, to the Garden of Eden. There men and women, who were created to be like God in their choices, instead abandoned Him. Because he could not bear the evil that our choices brought about in the world, God turned away from us. For thousands of years God urged the Jews, through Moses and the prophets, to return to the life he had envisioned for us. The Jews tried, but – like you and I – they were never successful. And so each of us has turned to his own religion to find a path back to God. There we find ourselves isolated and alone.

God saw that it would never work. Our rebellion had become a part of us. In an act of desperation mingled with love, God determined that he alone would have to act. God entered his own creation in the person of his son, Jesus. History reveals that we dealt with Jesus as with previous messengers. We evaluated his teachings, determined that He threatened our personal kingdoms on this earth, and so we killed him – as God knew that we would. The difference was, it no longer mattered. In being obedient to God, Jesus opened the door from the Father’s side: Reconciliation is no longer something we do, it’s something God has already done.

In one sense, the secularists are right: All religions are equally worthless to humanity. None of them can ever save us from God’s judgment that our minds and hearts are bent on evil, and the only safe place for us throughout eternity is locked away in Hell where, at least, we can’t harm the rest of creation. We either accept what God did for us in Jesus, and allow the Holy Spirit to change us, or we force God’s hand and condemn ourselves to an eternity apart from Him.

The secularists worry that the world is entering into another period of religious warfare, with humanity the loser. The post-Christian West sees Islam’s intolerance being imposed on entire nations by the sword. Jews see their women and children being blown up by Muslims who think murdering the innocent is the path to earthly statehood and a heavenly hereafter. Prospects for peace are bleak. Delay may only escalate the conflict.

The Bible tells us that God will one day reassert his control over this piece of real estate we call Earth. At that point, each of us will have the opportunity to present a detailed account of our lives. I suspect we will then see for ourselves that our lives and choices stunk. Yet God will have only one question: “I sent Jesus to earth to take care of all that. How well did you know him?” If Jesus acknowledges you, it won’t matter what label you wore on your religious sleeve. If he doesn’t, you’ll experience religious diversity, without God, for all eternity. Sounds like hell to me.