Global government’s insincere elitists

By Kyle Williams

Much news has been generated by the United Nations World Summit, where delegates from nearly 100 countries planned to halve poverty by 2015 and examined ways to conserve endangered species.

The 10-day World Summit, which was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, ended on Wednesday. And, of course, where two or more communist leaders are gathered, environmental concerns and world solutions are always discussed.

The conference highlights consisted of bashing the United States, calling the U.S. a drain on resources, and proposing a world tax.

In addition to various discussions and debates, the conference also opened the floor to children and teenagers. The delegates were reminded that we live on the earth, that there is only one earth, that you cannot buy other planets, and other such intelligent speeches.

Secretary of State Colin Powell said at the summit that the United States would increase development aid by 50 percent during the next three years to countries that are governed “fairly” with economic policies.

Yet, by the estimation of the Friends of Earth International organization, the summit was a failure and, as usual, it was the fault of the United States. The chairman said that the summit was “hijacked by free-market ideology, by a backward-looking, insular and ignorant U.S.”

Despite all the seriousness involved in these high-profile meetings, the extreme hypocrisy made the actions of the environmentalists laughable.

Pollution is a main concern for these earth-keepers, so transportation – such as airplanes and automobiles – is a huge target on their map. Yet, many of the delegates that attended the summit flew into the city with gas-sucking, pollution-spewing jets, and drove to their meetings in fuel-inefficient limousines.

As carbon dioxide emissions are a major concern, they demand we conserve energy. Yet, I don’t see any of them driving around their cities in Yugos and some of them might have, Heaven forbid, ridden in SUVs. To add to this hypocrisy, it is estimated that as a result of the transportation for this conference, 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide were emitted into the air.

They also say we should conserve natural resources, such as food and water – for the environment, of course. Yet, of the 45,000 delegates, the average delegate consumed about 53 gallons of water a day. Although spiffy flushing systems were implemented to reduce water usage, the summit did nothing but consume, consume, consume – not conserve, as they tell other people to do.

Conservation of trees is also a must and trees should, above all costs, be prevented from logging or destruction. However, it is estimated that 5 million pieces of paper were used and between 300 and 400 tons of trash were generated (with only 20 percent being recycled) during the gathering.

These United Nations environmentalist wackos are good material for any comedy show, because when their actions are lined up with their assumed sincere beliefs, it is nothing short of hilarious.

While scientists named 1.75 million species to be endangered, they contemplated the solutions to feeding those who are hungry around the world. And as the poor of the country were starving nearby, the delegates ate their expensive lobster, steak and other such delicacies, with no regard to those who would be happy to eat the crumbs of their food.

This conference was filled with emotionalism and ignorance. The summit produced nothing but feelings – nothing was done and the whole essence of the gathering was nothing but talk.

Whether you believe these communist environmentalists are hypocrites or not, one thing is a fact: The philosophy and ideas of the world summits are unfeasible, opposite of liberty and not economically viable.

These world environmental conferences are useless, have always been useless, and will continue to be useless. These arrogant world elitists run around yelling about the speck in someone else’s eye, when there are planks in their own.