Feeble-minded feminists

By Vox Day

I loathe feminists. While there are elements of the left which I can respect, they are not one. I despise them wholeheartedly – not only for their murderous tendencies and the havoc their ideology has wreaked on America and its families, but also for their feebleness of philosophy and total disregard for logic, consistency or easily foreseeable consequences.

More dictatorial than Sulla, more two-faced than Janus, feminists are the poisoned dregs of American politics.

Rush Limbaugh once predicted that the fastest 180-degree spin on record would be the homosexual lobby’s abandonment of its generally pro-abortion position, if and when the “gay gene” was scientifically proven. Of course, the Q-gene turned out to be a fictional thing, and so Rush’s prophecy went untested.

But the chaotic genius of technological change is now delivering yet another ethical challenge to those who ponder the good, the right and the true of things, and promises to demonstrate once more that feminists speak with forked tongues even with regards to their most cherished “right.”

A company called Microsort, in partnership with a Belgian laboratory, now offers a service wherein it separates the X- and Y-chromosome-bearing sperm, thus allowing prospective parents to choose the sex of their child with a 91 percent success rate in the case of a girl, 75 percent in the case of a boy. The procedure runs around $6,500, and the odds can even be improved in conjunction with a pre-implantation examination.

Now, it is no secret that for the last few millennia, people have generally shown a strong preference for sons over daughters. This has been for a variety of reasons, some relevant today and some less so, but the increasing gender imbalance in China under its “one-child” policy demonstrates that this preference persists into modern times.

Feminists, of course, purport to stand for “a woman’s right to choose.” And yet, the first women to speak out on the procedure, naturally, are against this unnatural form of sex selection. Dr. Francoise Shenfield, from the University College Medical School in London, says:

“I simply do not feel it is right to be able to choose the sex of your child for no medical reason. What impact would it have on the other children, and what would it mean for women’s position in society?”

It is quite possible that Dr. Shenfield is no feminist. But can anyone seriously doubt that her words will be echoed by American feminists as soon as this sex-selecting technique comes to the attention of the mainstream media? Then, Mr. Limbaugh’s favorite punching bags will be in the undesirable position of arguing that (a) it’s wrong for a woman to choose the sex of her baby, but (b) she has the unquestioned right to kill the baby if she feels like it.

Nevertheless, they’ll argue this – you know they will – not just with straight faces, but with a self-righteous air of indignation.

I don’t see anything morally wrong with sex selection myself, although I would sure hate to live in a society where men outnumbered women 1.44 to 1, as they already do in some parts of China. Freedom means that one has the right to make foolish decisions as well as smart ones, and this is just as true for a society as an individual.

Certainly, there’s nothing in the Constitution which provides a basis for the federal government to pass laws about this, although if enough people are upset, they’ll probably come up with some tortuous reasoning relating to how the shortage of street hookers is affecting interstate commerce.

Thus, I’m pro-choice. I believe that prospective parents have the right to complete freedom with regards to how many children they have, what they’re called and whether they wear pink or blue hats in the nursery. They clearly don’t, however, have the right to kill them, pre- or post-birth, given that part in the Declaration of Independence about the right to life endowed unalienably by one’s Creator.

In answer to those who think it’s so unthinkably unfair that one mistake should saddle a girl with the responsibility of a child, well, that’s life, sometimes. There are plenty of smaller mistakes that carry far more terrible consequences, like falling asleep at the wheel and crossing the highway divider, or diving into a pool without first checking the depth.

There is no justification for murdering babies and there never will be. I say calling a feminist a feminazi is an insult to National Socialism.