Neal Boortz to write weekly

By WND Staff

Neal Boortz, an attorney and nationally syndicated radio talk-show host, begins writing a weekly column for WorldNetDaily today.

Boortz began his 33-year career as a talk-show host in the fall of 1969. Upon learning of the untimely death of a popular Atlanta talk personality, Neal dashed to the radio station to ask for the job. And he’s been talking ever since.

Also known as “The Talkmaster,” Boortz has about 4 million listeners nationwide.

To fill the day prior to his late-afternoon talk show, Neal started attending law school in Atlanta in the early 1970s. He then followed a dual career of practicing law and hosting a daily talk show until 1992, when he decided to devote his full time to the profession he truly enjoyed – talk radio.

Boortz’s first book, “The Terrible Truth About Liberals,” is available at WorldNetDaily’s online store. He currently is working on his next endeavor, “Somebody Has To Say It,” which should be available by the spring of 2003.

When Neal isn’t writing or pontificating on the radio, he will most likely be found either on a golf course or somewhere up in the clouds flying his Mooney or Super Decathlon. He claims to try clearing out his mind by spending long periods of time flying upside down … but it doesn’t seem to do any good.

“We’re thrilled Neal Boortz chose WorldNetDaily as the new venue for his weekly column,” said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WorldNetDaily. “His edgy, eclectic, pushing-the-envelope, libertarian views fit in well at WorldNetDaily – where sacred cows are regularly skewered and turned into shish kebab.”

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