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Approaching the two-year anniversary of the stormiest and most disputed presidential election in American history comes a book from the woman in the center of that Florida political hurricane – former Secretary of State Katherine Harris.

In “Center of the Storm: Practicing Principled Leadership in Times of Crisis,” the first book published by WND Books, a partnership of and Thomas Nelson Publishers, Harris combines news-making disclosures and practical lessons in a “how-I-did-it” and “you-can-too” guide for holding up amid controversy and coming out on top.

While Harris’ book will not be released to other book retailers until Oct. 8, you can get your copy now at the WorldNetDaily online store, and it will be shipped to you right now. Harris, who yesterday won the GOP primary for a U.S. congressional seat, has also agreed to offer signed copies of the book exclusively for WorldNetDaily readers.

The battle for the White House following the election of Nov. 7, 2000, was one of the biggest political controversies in U.S. history. As the Florida recount unfolded in a maze of bizarre events, Harris was faced with the challenge of a lifetime. What enabled her to maintain her integrity, poise, stick to her guns and hold true to her principles? In “Center of the Storm,” she tells all.

Harris discusses the behind-the-scenes negotiations and backroom bartering that everyone suspected, but no one dared to disclose. Through never-before-revealed anecdotes, she explains 12 essential principles that helped her not just survive but thrive. She clearly illustrates how we, too, can learn these skills that help us in times of crises.

Harris is a former IBM marketing executive and vice president of a commercial real estate firm. She served as Florida’s 23rd secretary of state and is now seeking a seat in the U.S. Congress. Harris co-chaired President George W. Bush’s presidential campaign in Florida. Prior to her own election as secretary of state, she served in the Florida Senate for four years. A lifelong supporter of the arts, Harris earned degrees from Agnes Scott College and Harvard University. She is married to Anders Ebbeson and has a 17-year-old daughter, Louise. They live in Sarasota.

WND Books is a partnership between the Internet’s leading independent newssite and Thomas Nelson, a top-10 company worldwide in its field. The new imprint will publish a wide variety of titles, including a book authored by radio talk-show sensation Michael Savage, another by WorldNetDaily Editor and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Farah, and one by Jack Cashill and James Sanders on the downing of TWA Flight 800.

WND Books plans to offer as many as a dozen titles in 2003 – books that will often be sold first to WorldNetDaily readers online and then distributed in bookstores throughout America.

“This is an unprecedented partnership between an established top-10 book-publishing company and a top content producer in the new medium of the Internet,” said Farah.

While WorldNetDaily was founded in 1997, Thomas Nelson has been around since 1798. WorldNetDaily is privately owned. Thomas Nelson is publicly owned and traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Thomas Nelson has annual revenues approaching $300 million, is the largest religious publisher in the world and the ninth largest book publisher of any kind in the U.S. Its list of best-selling authors includes Billy Graham, John Maxwell, Charles Swindoll, John Eldredge and Max Lucado.

Savage’s book, “The Savage Nation,” will be out in December for readers of, January for the rest of the world. Savage was the first author signed for WND Books and is responsible for the fastest-growing talk show in history, according to Talk Radio Network, his national syndicator. An independent-minded individualist, Michael Savage fits no stereotype. He attacks big government and liberal media bias, but champions the environment and animal rights.

Farah’s book, “Taking America Back,” will be available to WorldNetDaily readers in January, the rest of the world in February.

Cashill and Sanders will team up to write a book follow-up to their documentary film, “Silenced: Flight 800 and the Subversion of Justice,” an expose of government-stifled evidence suggesting the airliner was shot down. The book will present startling new evidence gathered since the making of the documentary.

Other projects in the pipeline include the first-hand account of Pat Roush, an American woman whose Saudi Arabian husband kidnapped their two daughters more than 16 years ago. The story details her battles with both the Saudi Arabian and U.S. governments for the return of the children and casts light on the U.S.-Saudi alliance – a loyalty-for-oil arrangement made more relevant than ever since Sept. 11 and the ongoing Saudi-backed intifada in Israel.

WorldNetDaily’s youngest star, Kyle Williams, will also make his book-publishing debut, focusing on embattled outposts in the culture wars. Among other topics, the 13-year-old pundit will address the attack on the family, liberal bias in education and the media, abortion and homosexual rights, the separation of church and state, and government paternalism.

Longtime WorldNetDaily Commentary Editor Joel Miller is the managing editor of WND Books. He serves as the point man in securing new titles, developing proposals for consideration by the publications board and as primary editor of the books. Assistant Commentary Editor Tom Ambrose succeeded Miller as the commentary editor.

“We’re very excited about the opportunity this new imprint brings to Thomas Nelson,” said Michael Hyatt, executive vice president and group publisher. “WorldNetDaily brings passion, energy and creativity to this project that we do not believe could be found anywhere else. We hope to capitalize on the amazing accomplishments of the company on the Internet and extend its brand into a new arena of book publishing.”

WorldNetDaily has become a major force in book sales, which represent the largest revenue source for the Internet company. The newssite’s online store sold more than 100,000 books in 2001, a figure believed to be higher than any other Internet content site and rivaled only by a handful of major online book retailers.

Harris’ “Center of the Storm” is the first of many more releases – “books developed specifically with our readership in mind,” explained Farah. “We believe this will mean significantly higher sales and a major breakthrough in publishing edgy titles that might scare away the major players in the publishing industry establishment.”

“WorldNetDaily is first and foremost an innovative news agency, and our titles will reflect that focus – they will be timely, newsworthy and often examining topics the establishment publishing industry ignores,” said WorldNetDaily Senior Editor and Co-founder Elizabeth Farah.

Tomorrow and Friday, WND will feature the first two published excerpts from Harris’ book.

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