Rotarians host ‘anti-Catholic’ lawmaker

By Les Kinsolving

A suburban Omaha, Neb., Rotary club is in hot water for hosting as its guest speaker Nebraska state Sen. Ernie Chambers, a black Democrat the Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights calls both anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic.

A statement from the Catholic organization was headlined, “Nebraska Rotarians welcome anti-Catholic bigot.”

The League’s president, attorney William Donahue, noted, “On Aug. 29, Nebraska state Sen. Ernie Chambers addressed a crowd of wealthy businessmen at a luncheon hosted by the suburban Rotary club of Omaha. Chambers, who is black, attacked the Catholic Church before an all white audience. ‘The Catholic Church is more effective as a criminal enterprise than the mafia,'” said Chambers.

“Ernie Chambers is an anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, racist state senator who hates America. Here’s the proof: He has engaged in the most virulent anti-Catholic remarks while opposing school vouchers; he has disfigured Catholic devotional objects and distributed them to his colleagues; he has been denounced by several leading Jews for his anti-Semitic remarks; his comments regarding white people have earned him the label ‘One of the biggest racists in Omaha’; he has been crassly dismissive over 9-11 saying: ‘It didn’t affect me at all’; and he has accused President Bush of being a drunken moral coward who is bent on starting World War III.”

WorldNetDaily talked with the Rotary club’s president, Frank Lestovica, who noted that the program director “invited politicians for August, including the governor, a congressman and, in an attempt to have a wide variety, state Sen. Chambers. The program director is out of town for two months.”

When asked about Chambers’ statement that “President Bush is a drunken moral coward bent on starting World War III,” Lestovica replied, “The press has really picked up on this, but I don’t remember that statement. The purpose of inviting Sen. Chambers was to have someone totally different.”

Chambers has been a state senator for 32 years, elected from predominantly black North Omaha to Nebraska’s unicameral state legislature where all members are senators.

WND was unable to locate Chambers. Telephone information in Omaha had no listing. At the state legislature in Lincoln, which is not in session, staff provided what they termed his “business number” – where there was no answer.

Donahue has written to the general secretary of Rotary International in Evanston, Ill., Edwin Futa, asking if Chambers’ comments are “the kind of sentiment that accurately reflects the position of your organization.”