Figure of ‘W’ pierced with ‘scythe of death’

By WND Staff

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Several hundred socialists picketed the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine, yesterday, tossing tomatoes at a homemade likeness of President George W. Bush and skewering the stuffed figure with the “scythe of death,” reports Pravda online.

Approximately 500 members of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine took part in the demonstration to voice their opposition to U.S policy toward Iraq.

According to Pravda online, the event’s main speaker was Natalia Vitrenko, the leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine. She called for the creation of a “triangle of justice,” to include the Slavic world (Ukraine, Belarus and Russia), the Arab world, as well as China and India. She said that those countries could stand together in opposition to “American aggression” against Iraq.

Vitrenko reminded the crowd that Ukrainians voted against Ukraine’s participation in NATO. As she finished her speech, demonstrators tossed white doves in the air and sang patriotic songs.

The protesters also demanded that the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Carlos Pascual, be declared persona non grata. A resolution proposed that Pascual be expelled from Ukraine, the bombing of Iraq be stopped, and sanctions against Cuba and Iraq be withdrawn. It also proposed that President Bush be put on trial in the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Not to neglect domestic politics, Vitrenko also proclaimed that her party was pushing for the restoration of Soviet power. She stated that the Socialist Party of Ukraine was struggling against the regime of incumbent Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma and against the International Monetary Fund.