The day after

By Craige McMillan

A year and a day after the World Trade Center and Pentagon massacres, the American media are as clueless about the attacks as they were the day they happened. Media reporting during the year after 9-11 has been big on fluff, covering Islam’s “peaceful” nature, and filled with emotional stories about the victims. Entirely missing is what really happened on 9-11, and the attackers’ true objective.

There are two pieces to the 9-11 puzzle that have been obscured by the media-led orgy of hand-wringing, self-loathing, and victimhood that are the only real criteria for working in a newsroom these days. “How did you feel, little Julie, when the steamroller ran over your entire family while j-walking at Dizzyworld?” Then the orgy of victimhood begins, culminating with a sound thrashing of the steamroller manufacturer for building a dangerous product, along with calls for more government regulation. All of which confuses and diffuses the point that we as media consumers need to take home: Don’t j-walk in front of steamrollers – they won’t see you, and they can’t stop fast!

For a full year, the 9-11 media steamroller has obscured the real story that Americans need to take home to protect themselves. This is it: Sept. 11 was not about knocking down the World Trade Center towers, blowing up the Pentagon or expressing outrage at American foreign policy in the Mideast. To understand what 9-11 really was, you have to remember Todd Beamer, Barbara Olson, and the passengers and crew of Flight 93 who – by the grace of God – suddenly understood.

You have to remember the plane in Toronto, Canada, that was grounded when airspace over the United States was suddenly closed. You have to remember the box cutters found stuffed into the seat cushions of another plane at Logan airport that never flew that day. You have to account for the sudden interest by nomadic Arab students in securing crop-dusting training, and the nuclear power-plant alerts that just won’t seem to go away. In short, you have to look at the big picture. The American media won’t show it to you, because it will destroy their worldview as surely as those planes destroyed the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.

Sept. 11 will go down as one of the most brilliantly-planned and well-prepared acts of war in the history books. Executed successfully, the 9-11 attack would have crippled the United States financially and left it devoid of a federal government in anything but name alone.

A year after I first raised the issue, there is broad agreement that Flight 93 was headed for the United States Capitol building – not that Pennsylvania field. An airplane at Logan that never took off was likely destined for the White House.

Imagine the chaos: the bulk of America’s elected representatives and their staffs dead, the Capitol building in rubble, the president and his family dead, the White House absorbing the same impact that devastated the Pentagon, and our senior military officers and planners dead. Into this chaos the follow-on attack is launched: crop-dusting planes dispersing biological weapons, like the anthrax Sen. Daschle’s office received, over several major cities. The resulting chaos, absent a federal bureaucracy to respond, was to be the foundation of the new Islamic government of the United States.

Today, we face the terrors piecemeal, not as part of a coordinated plan. Islam’s age-old dream of world domination awaits nuclear weapons availability to complete its jihad against the Christian West. Many intelligence estimates expect they will attain this goal within five years. Loose immigration policies have flooded the U.S. with Islamic sleeper cells patiently awaiting their orders. For the present, they live among us, giving lip service to our laws and abusing our freedoms while they wait to destroy us. Tomorrow, they will cooperate with our own home-grown Islamic extremists, who stand ready to assist in the new Islamic government.

The U.S. boldly announces to the world that it is “one nation under God.” We’ve never before had to choose which god that will be. While we may be too “tolerant” to choose, Islam is not. History records no civilization that has ever existed without being tied to a religion. The Soviet Union lasted less than a single century. Multiculturalism means that we now face the multiple god ballot. Look around the world: Africa, China, India, Pakistan, the Balkans, Russia, the Mideast, Europe and America.

The Christ-haters infesting America and its institutions will have no problem handing off their daughters into forced Islamic marriages and harems, their sons into jihad, converting along with their wives and children to Islam and kissing the prayer rug five times a day while they prostrate themselves toward Mecca. It will give them something to do besides wring their hands. It appeals to their self-loathing, and it swells their pride at being oh-so-inclusive.

If you were counting on a different future, don’t wait until the first Islamic nuclear weapon detonates in an American city. The Christian West has the power to resist – what it lacks is the will. Purging our internal multiculturalists will demonstrate to the world that we intend to survive.