Iran training for nuke warfare, U.S. attack

By WND Staff

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Iran has reported that its military has drafted plans to repel any U.S. attack on the heels of a campaign against Iraq, reports Geostrategy, the global intelligence news agency.

Iranian officials said the military’s plans already have undergone simulations and exercises to ensure their feasibility. They said the military has proposed coordinated efforts by the army, navy and air force to form a rapid-response unit.

Iran has held a series of exercises over the last four months. Most of the exercises were along Iran’s border with Iraq.

One scenario, officials said, is that the United States would launch an attack along the Iranian-Afghan border to flush out al-Qaida insurgents. Washington has accused Tehran of harboring hundreds of al-Qaida members who fled from Afghanistan.

Some of the exercises simulated attacks using nuclear weapons, according to the official Iranian government television network.

The exercises were held near Esfahan, the television reported last month.

“The forces participating in the exercises demonstrated their readiness to counter the destructive effects of the explosion of nuclear weapons by the hypothetical enemy,” the report said.

The report is an indication that Iran is preparing its forces for warfare involving tactical nuclear weapons in the future. Tehran has said that it is not building nuclear arms but U.S. intelligence agencies remain convinced Tehran is using nuclear power generating equipment provided by Russia and China as part of a covert nuclear arms program.

“For America’s recent threats, plans have been prepared which are being studied and completed,” Iranian army commander Maj. Gen. Mohammed Salimi said. “The contexts of the plan to confront American threats by moving ground, air and naval forces of the army and carrying out drills, tests and war games have been prepared.”

Salimi told the official Iranian news agency, Irna, that he did not expect an imminent U.S. attack. The general did not express his concern over U.S. accusations that Iran is harboring al-Qaida.

“The American threat is not a new thing,” Salimi said. “The army is only acting according to its duties. Whatever the threats are and by whoever they are made, we have lots of equipment to confront them.”

Iranian sources said the regime has been alarmed by the prospect of a U.S. offensive against al-Qaida both along the Afghan border as well as along Iran’s border with Iraq. They said the regime is being pressed to declare a state of emergency.

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