What they’re saying
about Harris book

By WND Staff

WND Books, a new partnership between WorldNetDaily and Thomas Nelson Publishers, is stirring up a media storm with the release of Katherine Harris’ new book.

Though “Center of the Storm,” authored by the former Florida secretary of state and a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, won’t even be officially released until Oct. 8, the book has been the subject of countless references on television and in print.

Not all of the attention has been completely accurate, but what would you expect when the subject is the woman who was the focus of the nation’s attention during the disputed presidential election of 2000?

CNN.com published an Associated Press story Aug. 26 headlined, “Katherine Harris: Gore’s ‘dogs of war’ bit him.” That was precipitated by a Tallahassee Democrat report, “Harris derides critics in book.” The Washington Post also weighed in with “Book: Gore tactics hurt him.”

Long before the reviewers have their say, before promotional copies are distributed and long before most have had a chance to buy or read the book, Harris’ “Center of the Storm” is making waves. In fact, it is creating a tsunami in the publishing world.

Yet, there is only one place anyone can get the book until next month – right here at WorldNetDaily.

“We’re very pleased about the timing,” said Joseph Farah, chief executive officer and editor of WorldNetDaily and co-founder of the WND Books line. “We’re very pleased Katherine Harris chose to work with us. We’re very pleased that this book is getting the attention it deserves – even if it is not yet officially released.”

Harris is offering signed copies of the book for WorldNetDaily readers before it ever reaches the nation’s bookstores, before she ever does her first interview, before she ever sets out on a book tour.

Last week, Harris made news again by winning – by a 2-1 landslide – her primary election for a congressional seat. She is now the odds-on favorite to win the south Florida seat she is seeking – a seat that will propel her into the national spotlight once again, this time as one of the nation’s most powerful and influential women.

“This book is certain to be a collector’s item for many reasons,” said Farah. “It’s Katherine Harris’ first book. It’s her first effort to set the record straight about her role in the presidential election. It’s the first book published by WND Books. And you can get a first edition signed and personalized – long before it takes the rest of the nation by storm right here.”

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