Securing America, waging war

By Kyle Williams

It began as a normal day. I had been awake for some time and was about to get started on that day’s work for my home schooling. My dad called from work as he usually does about mid-morning, but this was not a normal call. He sounded bewildered and informed me that he heard on the radio of a small plane that may have crashed into the World Trade Center.

I turned on the television to hear the voice of Katie Couric sounding as if she didn’t know what was happening – just like another normal day. However, there was a live stream of video showing smoke flowing out of the WTC buildings. Needless to say, I was shocked and told my mom about what had just happened. The rest of the events of that day are something you need no help to remember.

Yet, about nine months later, Dan Rather started his evening news program with the news that the CIA director warned President Bush “in the weeks before 9-11 that an attack by Osama bin Laden could involve the hijacking of U.S. aircraft.”

After the CBS News story was out, all the major networks, websites, radio programs, and cable news programs ripped the issue out and debated it for weeks. Political pundits came on the tube asking, “What did Bush know and when did he know it?” Victims and relatives related to last year’s terrorist attacks came out blasting Bush, and Condoleezza Rice was interrogated with questions in a press conference.

Later, Dan Rather reported, “Damage control. White House officials insist the President never received any specific warning of the 9/11 attacks.” And being the trendsetter that Rather is, all the rest of the networks followed in suit.

Now, I’m not against the freedom of opinion, speech, or of the press, but even pinheads have to be held accountable.

As of this writing, there haven’t yet been any terrorist attacks on the United States since a year ago. However, what we know now that we didn’t conclude more than a year ago is the fact that Saddam Hussein, terrorist dictator of Iraq, has weapons of mass destruction and is hiding them.

Still, the same talking heads that blasted President Bush and his administration for not acting on the vague evidence that he received days before the terrorist attacks, are blasting Bush for considering attacking Iraq.

How long do we have to wait before we can protect Americans? Do we have to wait until Washington, D.C., is annihilated, Wall Street is blown up, and Silicon Valley is destroyed before we act?

Because if we do not act soon, tomorrow, the next day, or some time later, our nation is going to be hit again.

We must act not only on the lives of those lost, but also on the principle of freedom, and while we all disagree on some war issues with Bush, we have to agree that our country must be protected and the only way to do that is with force.

Memorializing the 11th of September for the rest of the year will accomplish nothing. Forget the moments of silence, forget the straight 24 hours of news, but comprehensively decide on what must be done to protect Americans and act accordingly.

Sure, the lives of those lost need to be remembered, but also need to be honored by the destruction of those who plan to murder, so the friends of those lost on that fateful day will live their lives enjoying freedom.

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, must establish justice, must ensure domestic tranquility, must provide for the common defense, must promote the general welfare, and must secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity by defending our nation against all enemies.