Bush leads the way

By Jerry Falwell

President Bush valiantly communicated the U.S. message on Iraq in his speech to the United Nations on Thursday. Secretary of State Colin Powell is now charged with rallying the initiation of a U.N. resolution that would call on Iraq to either submit to weapons inspections or face severe retribution.

The day may soon come when Mr. Bush must take aggressive action against Iraq while U.N. officials continue to press for wistful tranquility. The fact is that Saddam Hussein – the man President Bush said provides a “grave and gathering danger” – is a madman who has a cruel history of torture and stark cruelty. We must ensure – at all costs – that America and the rest of the world is protected from this cold-blooded oppressor.

In his exceptional speech to the U.N. General Assembly, President Bush warned that millions of lives are at serious risk because of Saddam’s biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. He said delaying action would be a “reckless gamble.” Still, many world leaders (and some Democrat leaders in the U.S.) are taking a wait-and-see posture in the face of the clear and present danger.

We must be on our knees

In recent weeks, I have encouraged Christians to intensify their prayer efforts for President Bush, his team and for America. It is apparent that our president urgently needs the prayers of God’s people to support him, especially during this time when the climate of terror has become a part of our culture. I can’t imagine the pressure that is on Mr. Bush’s shoulders as he attempts to protect our nation while timid and gullible world leaders scrutinize his every move and insist on continued diplomacy with a despot.

In a recent article that appeared in my National Liberty Journal newspaper, Liberty University professor Dr. Ed Hindson explained how prayer can literally transform the direction of nations.

In the article, titled “Changing the Course of a Nation Through Prayer,” he recounted how Evan Roberts, after diligently praying for revival for 13 years, saw his beloved Wales turn to God, with more than 100,000 people giving their hearts and lives to Christ within a five-month period.

Dr. Hindson also related how John Knox, who prayed, “Give me Scotland, else I die,” saw revival sweep over the land because of his fervent prayers.

History is full of similar examples where people earnestly turned their hearts toward heaven and God returned His favor. Scripture tells us that Elijah “prayed earnestly,” and God changed the environment of a nation.

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much,” James 5:16 tells us.

If God answered the fervent prayers of His people in times past, He can surely do so again if people of faith in this nation will earnestly call on Him to pour out His blessings on America.

The atheists and civil libertarians vigorously disagree, but America desperately needs God to work in our nation. We are living in an astonishingly secular society that is on a desperately downward spiral. It is therefore up to those who love God to call upon Him to protect and guide this nation that was born out of respect for and adoration of Almighty God. Our Founders understood the need for godly intervention; we need the spirit of our Founders in our hearts today.

I continue to encourage Christians to pray for America as never before. We are at a critical crossroads in terms of Iraq and terrorism. We may literally be on the precipice of military action against Saddam. Please join me in diligent prayer for President Bush and his team as they steer America through this uncharted thoroughfare of terror.