Maryland’s governor the ‘stupidest’?

By Les Kinsolving

My Sept. 13 column for WorldNetDaily, headlined “AMERICA’S MOST STUPID GOVERNOR” (Parris Glendening of Maryland) has evoked a number of protests which deserve to be heard:

  • From Dirk: “I enjoyed your piece on the governor of Maryland. But if you think he is any match for my Governor Davis, I think you are mistaken. $1 billion deficits are child’s play to Davis. He does that in a month. He has also lowered our public schools to near the bottom.

  • From KngpstBlu: “I hate to play ‘can you top this,’ but have you heard of Gray Davis, the (expletive deleted) governor of California? He took an $18 billion surplus and turned it into a $24 billion deficit in the last 18 months!”

  • From Larry: “Please, please, please do a piece on Gray-Out Davis as America’s most corrupt governor.”

  • From Robert: “Where would I go to find who decides on which governor is, or might, be the most stupid? Our governor, here in Hawaii, should be a really good candidate.”

  • From Harry: “Always good to hear you on WCBM, and now I can read your column on WorldNetDaily as well … great column on Spend-ening. Parris may have the dubious distinction of being the most corrupt and inept guv’na the state of Maryland has ever had …”

  • From Dave: “I’d have to choose Gray Davis for botching the early phases of the energy crisis … You correctly pointed out the sorts of shenanigans that Maryland has had to put up with, but Florida is plagued with incompetence in the executive branch. From losing children to electoral fiascos, the state of Florida leads the nation … For Jeb [Bush] to have taken such a hands-off, ‘don’t blame me’ attitude about serving the voters of his state is an amazing abdication of responsibility.”

The governors of Maryland, Florida, California and Hawaii are hereby joined in error by this writer – but I do most eagerly apologize and retract.


Steven of Maryland has for 25 years known Maryland Democratic candidate for governor Robert Raymond Fustero, who ran against Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend – and received 106,000 votes.

Steven notes information that we at WCBM Baltimore received on election night from wire services, networks and e-mails was erroneous. Candidate Fustero now tells me that he, too, saw or heard of many media errors. By way of correction, very kindly provided by his friend Steven, Fustero-The-Amazing-Vote-Getter-Against-A-Kennedy, was not a write-in, but a petition-qualified candidate who previously ran for Congress.

His running-mate, Linda, was not his daughter. (That, apparently, was a Republican candidate named John Sheridan.)

Moreover, Steven notes, “I have barely spoken to him in the last few months as he has been running around making speeches everywhere … Just because he didn’t spend $2 million doesn’t mean he wasn’t serious … He is actually considering challenging [U.S. Senators] Mikulski or Sarbanes in a few years when they come up for re-election. He is very intelligent and can debate anything, with anyone, at any time. Of course, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend chose not to.”

I stand decisively corrected and I earnestly retract.