Katherine Harris wins
more than election

By WND Staff

Former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris won more than a congressional primary victory last week.

She also won the endorsement of her opponent in that race and a victory in a lawsuit filed against her by her Republican adversary in that race.

Leon County Circuit Judge Kevin Davey ruled in her favor on a lawsuit filed last month by John Hill, who then turned around and endorsed Harris for the U.S. House District 13 race against Democrat Jan Schneider, a close associate of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Hill, whose suit contended that Harris had failed to properly qualify as a congressional candidate by not resigning on time as Florida’s secretary of state, had originally said he would appeal if he lost in Davey’s court. But that plan hinged on Davey ruling before the Sept. 10 primary. Instead, the decision came out Sept. 11. Hill said that winning an appeal would be difficult, especially with less than two months before the general election.

In the same week, Harris’ new book, “Center of the Storm,” went on sale exclusively at WorldNetDaily. The book will hit the rest of the retail market next month in general release.

Harris announced that she picked up an endorsement by the National Federation of Independent Business, a 600,000-member national small-business advocacy group.

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