25 reasons not to vote for a Democrat

By Hugh Hewitt

Don’t vote for even one Democrat this November. Not even your brother-in-law. Here are 25 reasons to turn them all down:

    25. Bill Clinton’s pardons, especially that of Mark Rich.

    24. Democratic Sen. Paul Wellstone’s cynical and hypocritical breach of his two-terms-and-out pledge.

    23. The Democrats’ refusal to abolish the death tax beyond 2010.

    22. Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd’s cranky and increasingly erratic and obstructionist chairmanship of the Senate’s Appropriations Committee.

    21. Democratic Senator (and chairman of the Judiciary Committee) Pat Leahy’s loopy suggestion that the West Nile virus might be a biological attack.

    20. The silence of the entire national Democratic leadership in the face of Democratic Congressman Cynthia McKinney’s father’s virulent anti-Semitism.

    19. Democratic Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle’s incredibly annoying “hushed” tone of public speaking.

    18. Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe’s millions of profits from sweetheart deals in now-bankrupt Global Crossing.

    17. The Democratic Senate’s blocking of welfare-reform extension, even though these “must work” provisions have been wildly successful for the past half-decade.

    16. Democratic Sen. Ernest Hollings’ (and chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee) demand that signs be put up in airports “in A-rab” declaring that there will be no more hijackings.

    15. Democratic Sen. Joe Biden’s demand before the Council on Foreign Relations last October that the war in Afghanistan be fought by American ground troops “man-a-mano.”

    14. The silence of the entire national Democratic leadership on the corruption of Gray Davis, whose coin-operated, pay-for-play tenure atop California has bankrupted the state even as his fund-raising machine has produced scandal after scandal.

    13. Democratic Senator (and member of the Judiciary Committee) Chuck Schumer’s argument that nominees’ religious beliefs can be debated during confirmation hearings.

    12. Loopy Pat Leahy’s argument that President Bush’s nomination of judges to fill existing vacancies on the courts equal the same threat to the independence of the Judiciary as was FDR’s court-packing plan that would have added six new seats to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    11. Al Gore’s beard.

    10. The three-week dalliance of Democrats with the idea that President Bush knew or should have known the 9-11 attacks were coming.

    9. Hillary’s eye-rolling during the president’s address to the Joint Session of Congress after the 9-11 attacks.

    8. The prospect of Democratic Congressman Charles Rangel as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and his immediate moves to raise taxes.

    7. The rejection by the Democrat-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee of the judicial nominations of Charles Pickering and Priscilla Owen – on a party-line 10-9 vote, despite majority support in the Senate and the ABA’s highest recommendation – because of pressure from extreme left-wing interest groups.

    6. The refusal to allow the majority in the Senate, including Democrats, to authorize energy exploration in Alaska, even as we approach war in Iraq.

    5. The Gore-Lieberman attempt to void absentee ballots from military servicemen overseas, and the refusal of even one senior Democrat to condemn the Gore-Lieberman strategy.

    4. Joe Lieberman’s delay of the bill establishing a Homeland Security Department in the face of domestic terror threats, even after the recent arrests in Buffalo, because of his insistence on protections for government-employee unions.

    3. Democratic Senator (and chairman of the Senate Armed Service’s Committee) Carl Levin’s insistence that the United Nations vote for action on Iraq before the United States Congress considered supporting President Bush’s use of force in Iraq.

    2. Eighty-five-year-old Democratic Senator (and chairman of the Appropriations Committee) Robert Byrd’s refusal to even consider a vote on using force in Iraq before the November elections.

    1. The unbroken pattern of Democratic leadership to put the party’s political interests ahead of the national interests.

The Democratic Party is no longer the party of FDR, JFK, Scoop Jackson or even the old Joe Lieberman. It is now a carnival of political appetites and dangerously unstable (Leahy), doddering (Hollings and Byrd), dumb (Biden), disingenuous (Levin), duplicitous (McAuliffe and Daschle), and corrupt (Davis) leaders without any restraint imposed by concern for the national interest.

Its real leadership remains the Clintons, who remain perpetually in search of affection and inevitably offensive in their public posturing. The interest groups that control the party – the snarling Nan Aron, the smarmy Ralph Neas, and the entrepreneurial Jesse Jackson – represent ideologies held widely only in Malibu.

In short, there is no longer a Democratic Party worthy of the name. Its supporters vote for its candidates in the face of logic and, indeed, despite the deepest instincts of self-preservation. In words from “The Who”: Don’t get fooled again.