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America, meet your leaders

Poor President Bush.

He apparently wants to invade Iraq more than anything else in the world. And just when he thought he had sufficient support to do so, foreign leaders started backing out.

So he went to the U.N. and gave a stirring speech – saying Saddam Hussein must allow weapons inspections or the U.S. will invade – only to have Hussein agree to allow the inspectors in.

What is the point?

In his quest to go to war, the president is supported by writers and commentators who never saw a war they didn’t like. That may be because they never have to go to war themselves – they just send others to their deaths.

To these people, the object isn’t a democratic Iraq or U.S. security. The object is war.

The goal isn’t peace in the Middle East or removing dangerous weapons. The goal is war.

The warmongers demonstrate that war is the purpose of it all by the way they promote it.

If you try to deal with any of their claims, they change the subject.

If any of these claims were a truly serious concern, the war-mongers wouldn’t be jumping around from one contention to another.

Lies and damned lies

After every war, the historians dig through the archives and discover that a great deal of what our government claimed as the reason for going to war was untrue.

And so it goes. The politicians get us all whipped up, and only later do we discover that what we knew about the war and the enemy was a lie.

These are our leaders

But, of course, it isn’t just war that politicians lie about. They lie about their loyalty to the Constitution, they lie about their voting records, they lie about the contents of the bills they pass, they lie about the non-existent “budget surpluses.”

And as though that weren’t enough, they vote for bills they haven’t read and don’t understand. They browbeat committee witnesses on subjects the politicians know nothing about. They seize on any imaginable event as an excuse to arrogate more power to themselves and to take more liberty away from us.

And they expect us to go to war on their say-so.

You believe what you want. But as for me, until George Bush lays out specific, credible, verifiable, understandable evidence that Saddam Hussein poses an immediate threat to the security of the United States of America (not just to the “interests” of the U.S., as defined by power-hungry politicians), I prefer to keep my self-respect and oppose any thought of going to war.

I love America, not its government.

I am loyal to the Constitution, not to the politicians.

I love the traditional American way of life, not the 1984 version we’re living today.

And I don’t understand why it is so great to live in a country that’s constantly at war with someone somewhere in the world.