When tolerance spells rape

By Joseph Farah

In a crazy top-down decision, the Big Brothers-Big Sisters of America organization told its local chapters they would no longer be able to exclude homosexuals from mentoring children.

It didn’t take long for that sick, irresponsible ruling to result in its first casualties – innocent children raped by predators.

In Ohio, Scott A. Wagner, 34, has been indicted on 24 counts of rape and 57 sexual abuse charges involving six boys. Wagner was a volunteer with Big Brothers-Big Sisters and “mentored” one of the boys.

I shouldn’t have to explain why the Big Brothers organization is morally culpable for these crimes. But, sadly, in this day and age, it is necessary to get down to basics.

Big Brothers still has the good sense not to assign adult men to “mentor” young girls. They do this because a certain percentage of adult heterosexual men will be tempted to sexually abuse those girls. It’s just a simple fact. We all accept it. There is no denying it.

The denial, however, comes into play with homosexuals. Because of the “diversity” craze, because of “tolerance-mania,” because of political correctness gone mad, many in our society deny the same principle holds true for homosexuals. Or, if they do, they prefer to overlook the facts as a way of making some kind of social statement at the expense of a few child sexual victims.

It’s obscene.

It’s even worse than that. Not only is it indisputably true that a small percentage of homosexuals are tempted to involve themselves sexually with boys under their care, statistics show that homosexuals commit a disproportionate number of child sex crimes.

Homosexuals represent somewhere between 1 percent and 3 percent of the population. Yet they commit up to one-third of all sex crimes against children. Knowing this, why would any responsible agency want to put more children in harm’s way?

Of course, homosexual activists will also deny reality. They will cite bogus statistics concocted by pseudo-researchers like Alfred Kinsey – himself a sexual sociopath. They will even tell you that homosexuals are less likely to be molesters than heterosexuals. They will tell you that anyone like me who cites real facts is just a hater, a homophobe.

In other words, they will lie to protect their own vested interests in a sexually immoral lifestyle and a political program that stands on its head 5,000 years of Judeo-Christian sexual ethics. That’s what we should expect from them and that’s what they are delivering. What continues to amaze me is the way so many people buy their political propaganda and think they are doing compassionate work by exposing children to those most likely to abuse them.

Imagine the plight of these poor kids. They seek out some adult guidance, friendship and love from an organization like the Big Brothers. And what Big Brothers gives them are predators seeking sexual thrills with these kids.

You might think the leaders of this organization had been reading the news, observing the big judgments against the Catholic Church for allowing priests to abuse boys under their care. Evidently not. In the very face of this scandal, the Big Brothers changes its rules to make it inevitable that more boys will be victimized.

Thank God a few organizations – like the Boy Scouts of America – have defied tremendous pressures to cave in like the Big Brothers. They understand their first responsibility is to the safety of children. They understand that an organization working with children must first ensure they do no harm. They understand that reducing the risk of allowing sexual abuse to scar children is a moral imperative.

As a result of this common-sense approach to a very real problem, the Boy Scouts have been boycotted. They have been sued. They have been thrown out of public facilities. They have been maligned. They have been characterized as some kind of subversive organization. They have been bullied. They have had funds cut off.

It’s time to stand up in support of common sense and the Boy Scouts and reject the dangerous, twisted policies of groups like the Big Brothers.