Katherine Harris on way to Congress?

By WND Staff

Two prestigious national political periodicals are predicting an easy victory for Katherine Harris, the former Florida secretary of state now seeking a seat in the U.S. Congress.

Roll Call, the Washington political weekly, and the Bulletin, a political insider fax publication, both say Harris, the controversial figure in the 2000 presidential election and author of “Center of the Storm,” a new book chronicling her role in the closest vote in American history, is practically a shoo-in for the 13th Congressional District seat, a largely Republican stronghold.

Harris easily won her primary bid last week against former TV anchor John Hill, who immediately turned around and endorsed her. Now, Harris’ only obstacle to going to Washington is Democrat Jan Schneider, a Sarasota lawyer and friend of former President Bill Clinton “who will find it tough to match Harris’ name recognition or fund-raising prowess,” says the Bulletin.

Harris has raised more than $2.6 million, a huge amount for such a race. Schneider has raised just under $150,000, with most of that coming from loans she made to herself. Republicans also outnumber Democrats in the district by a 3-to-2 margin.

Republican Party Chairman Al Cardenas said, “I’m sure Katherine doesn’t want anyone to get complacent, but it’s hard to fathom this would be a competitive race.”

According to Roll Call, meanwhile, Harris is “virtually assured a place in the 108th Congress.”

Harris’ new book, “Center of the Storm,” went on sale this week exclusively at WorldNetDaily. The book will hit the rest of the retail market next month in general release.