Daschle’s low blows

By Kyle Williams

On Wednesday, our beloved Senate Majority Leader from South Dakota took another cheap shot at the president. His topic was (what else?) the economy. The continued ridicule of the president based on the current economic situation has been going on ever since January, but Daschle doesn’t seem to mind.

In his speech on the Senate floor, the senator attacked the current administration saying, “It takes leadership not only with regard to international and foreign policy, but to help here at home on economic policy as well. We haven’t seen it to date.”

Daschle also took the usual attack of class warfare, saying, “[The Republicans] have one economic all-purpose antidote for everything, and that is tax cuts, tax cuts largely dedicated to those at the very top.”

In addition to the phony claims and false statements, Shorty brought along a chart showing the decline of the economy that started in the Clinton presidency. However, in some way, President Bush is to blame for that.

Among things found, Daschle cited about 2 million jobs lost under the Bush administration.

Yet, during a recession, there will, inevitably, be unemployment and a loss of jobs. With an abnormally high unemployment rate, there will be a large amount of unemployed. However, the desire to go out and find jobs was slowed when Daschle and the Democratic gang threw in over a year’s worth of unemployment checks to the American workers.

Continuing the attack, he cited a $4.5 trillion loss in stock.

However, this was brought about during the years of, you guessed it, Bill Clinton. Based on reports made by the press, it can be said that the boom of the ’90s was actually founded on fraud. Therefore, the real value of that decade is not what it seems, and now we are really seeing the value of the market, so if Clinton is responsible for that prosperity, maybe there is some explaining to do.

Daschle also blasted the administration, highlighting a mere 1 percent economic growth.

Still, we are climbing out of a recession! It takes time and if anyone believes the tax break will work instantly and we will soon regain the “boom” of the ’90s, then they need to take an economics class.

The whole situation can be explained by a simple rule of economics. In a free-market economy such as America’s, there is a business cycle of boom, bust, boom, bust, and so on. Nothing must be done to bring a nation out of recession, as it will come out by itself, but the process can be sped up by tax breaks – putting the money back into the hands of the consumer.

However, the game of the stock market and the economy is not instant – it takes time. And the effects of a tax break will not show up instantly, but will show up years from now.

Daschle blasts Bush for throwing water on the economy by “talking” it down, but all the president has done in speaking to the American people is highlight the state of our economic situation! You can’t have it both ways.

Daschle also used scare tactics against the elderly for mere political benefit, saying, “[H]ealth care costs and foreclosures have increased, huge projected federal surpluses have all but vanished and the government is once again spending Social Security surpluses to pay for other programs.”

What programs might those be, Senator? Maybe the farm bill, campaign finance reform, the bloated package sent to the victims on 9-11, the education bill, the unemployment package, and the future Homeland Security legislation – all of which you support.

Everyone and anyone can see through his political games, and he is then promptly ignored. If it weren’t for the illegitimate power placed on the head of Sen. Daschle, then he would be nothing but some pol from South Dakota that no one ever heard of and would be even more irrelevant that he already is.

I truly hope the Republicans take back the Senate so this man will no longer have the power that he obviously has no respect for and will no longer be able to prevent Congress from attending to America’s business.