Katherine Harris wins Democrat endorsement

By WND Staff

Katherine Harris, favored strongly to win her bid for Congress, won the endorsement of Democratic Party primary loser Candice Brown-McElyea, a former television news reporter, who ran third to Jan Schneider, a candidate close to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

“I truly believe she is the one candidate in the race now with a true passion for this community and a vested proven interest in representing all of the residents of southwest Florida,” said Brown-McElyea.

Harris came to national prominence during the disputed 2000 presidential election when she served as secretary of state in Florida. She certified the election results making George W. Bush the winner of the state – and, thus, the Electoral College winner.

She has now authored a book about that experience, “Center of the Storm,” published by WND Books, a partnership between WorldNetDaily and Thomas Nelson Publishers. On sale now in the WorldNetDaily online store, it is expected to be in bookstores in early October.