The truth be told

By Bill O'Reilly

How many times over the last year have we heard various pundits and agenda-driven bigmouths say the following: The United States is partly to blame for world terrorism because it has abused and exploited the Muslim world.

This is an enormous lie and one that should be stopped dead in its tracks. The real reason that many Muslims hate America is that it supports and defends Israel. That is the truth, and all these other canards are charades.

A few years back, I was wandering around Morocco – perhaps the most pro-U.S. Muslim country in the world. Everywhere I went, little kids ran up to me asking for handouts. When they saw I was an American, many of them asked in English: “Are you a Jew?” When I answered in the negative, they were very pleased. Jews were bad, they all said.

If you travel anywhere in the Muslim world, I guarantee you that the vast majority of children will behave the same way. They are taught hatred for the Jews in school. Their parents reinforce the prejudice at home. This has been going on for thousands of years, and it’s all about land. The Muslims feel the ancient land of Palestine is their territory. But the Jews have chosen this place to make their stand.

The United States has heroically supported Israel in the face of almost worldwide condemnation. But what the world refuses to acknowledge is that without America’s help, the Arabs would slaughter the Jews much like the Nazis did. There is no question about this. Hamas, Hezbollah and the other insane terrorists will tell you flat out: The Jews deserve to die. If the United States ever stopped supplying money and weapons to Israel, there would be a second holocaust.

So once again, America is practicing heroism. The United States has put itself at risk to prevent the Jews in Israel from being murdered even while our presidents have tried in vain to negotiate a peaceful settlement to the land conflict. We Americans have also contributed trillions of tax dollars over the years in an attempt to stabilize the Middle East. We are doing the right thing – what’s the rest of the world doing?

The United Nations is not going to help Israel or propose a fair peace deal. At that farce of a conference which the U.N. recently sponsored in Africa, anti-Semitic rhetoric ran amuck. The tone the United Nations allowed was shocking but, sadly, predictable. Israel has few friends in the world forum.

But the most egregious betrayal of all lies on the doorstep of Germany. The loathsome Gerhardt Schroeder sold out the United States and Israel by refusing any assistance in the Iraq situation in order to win re-election. Schroeder and the rest of his government know that Saddam Hussein would kill Israeli civilians in a heartbeat if he felt he could get away with it. The Germans know Saddam is capable of doing Israel great harm. Yet those courageous Germans are sitting this one out. Even though it is because of them that Israel had to be created in the first place.

Of all the people on this earth, the Germans are the ones who should be doing everything possible to help the Jews. They have not repaid the Hitler debt – and show no signs of wanting to do so. It is shameful and cowardly that Schroeder and his followers have once again failed to fulfill their historical obligation to the Jewish people.

So when you hear all this claptrap about how America is insensitive to the Muslim world and arrogant and discourteous to weaker nations – ignore it. What lies beneath terrorism and the endless Middle East conflict is glowing, murderous hatred that has been centuries in the making.

America is protecting millions of Jews from another mass homicide as sure as Yasser Arafat is a corrupt incompetent. Once again, the United States has put itself on the line to protect human beings that desperately need protection.

And that is the truth.