Chastain guest on radio show

By WND Staff

WorldNetDaily exclusive columnist Jane Chastain will be a guest on the nationally syndicated radio program “American Breakfast” tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. Eastern time.

Chastain will discuss her column today in which she compares the abuse of Madelyn Toogood’s daughter caught on videotape with another form of child abuse – the ignoring of statutory rape cases by abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

“If a 13-year-old girl is brought into a hospital with cuts and bruises, and those who attend her have any doubts as to how she got those cuts and bruises, this is reported to authorities,” writes Chastain. “However, if the same 13-year-old shows up at a tax-supported clinic with a venereal disease or is pregnant, the staff, more often than not, simply looks the other way, even though studies have shown that between 60 to 80 percent of girls 15 and younger who get pregnant, are impregnated by adults. That is statutory rape!”

“American Breakfast,” hosted by Top-100-talker Phil Paleologos, airs weekday mornings from 5 to 9 a.m. Eastern time and is syndicated in more than 250 markets via the Langer Broadcasting Network. Paleologos explains the uniqueness of his show: “This program, broadcast from an all-American diner, does what McTalker’s ignore. We juice up the red-white-and-blue, timeless ideals of Mr. and Mrs. Middle America.” Paleologos often invites local patrons of his diner to join in on the discussion.

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