What’s going on at Amazon.com?

By Jerry Falwell

I could hardly believe what I was reading at WorldNetDaily: Amazon.com is accused of “contributing to the potential rape and molestation of children” by offering a book on adult-on-child sexual relationships.

But upon visiting Amazon.com to investigate for myself, I found that the book is indeed there. It is titled “Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers.” In fact, on the site, self-described boy lovers and pedophiles offer glowing reviews of the book, saying it “attempt[s] to shed the positive aspects of a healthy boy/male relationship.”

Yeah, it’s creepy, all right. But there’s more.

“By explaining what ‘pedophiles’ really are,” writes one pedophile, “it may help parents to understand that there may actually be benefits to such relationships.”

This is absolutely shameful. These fiends are attempting to convince parents that there is no harm if they should target their children to satisfy their sinister urges.

Amazon.com should immediately ban this dangerous book (and any similar books) from its website and apologize for allowing such material to be there in the first place.

Thankfully, the organization that uncovered the book’s availability at Amazon.com – the Escondido, Calif.-based United States Justice Foundation – has written a letter to Amazon.com President Jeffrey Bezos, saying that offering the book amounts to “an unfair and unethical business practice.” The USJF has given Amazon 30 days to withdraw the book or face “protracted litigation.”

As reported by WorldNetDaily, the book states: Men who become involved in sexual relationships with boys “are sincere, concerned, loving human beings who simply have – and were probably born with – a sexual orientation that is neither understood nor accepted by most others.”

As a veteran pastor, I can report that I have worked with families that have been shattered because an adult has sexually abused a child. One need look no further than the recent Catholic Church fiasco to see the emotional anguish that is brought on by the abuse by an adult of a child. Years later, the deep scars of the abuse remain.

And yet Amazon’s initial response to this controversy has been to defend the sale of the dreadful book, unbelievably saying freedom of expression must be protected.

Lock them up, throw away the key

My good friend, Bedford, Va., Sheriff Mike Brown, who spearheads an undercover operation to apprehend child molesters, has recounted to me how destructive these individuals are. Many pedophiles (called “travelers”) will voyage across the country in hopes of meeting up with a youngster they have befriended on the Internet. Upon their meeting, these gullible and often lonely children, thinking they have discovered a friend, eventually realize they have been duped by an individual who is fixated on sexually misusing them.

Thankfully, Sheriff Brown’s team routinely poses as teen-agers in Internet chat rooms in order to meet these pedophiles. These undercover agents, after convincing the pedophiles that they are forlorn teens or pre-teens, frequently set up meetings with these pedophiles who are subsequently arrested and prosecuted.

These are the types of individuals Amazon.com is promoting and protecting by offering this dangerous book.

I am encouraging people to send an e-mail to Amazon.com in order to complain about the availability of “Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers” on their website.

After telling a couple of friends about this outrage today, these friends told me they were going to immediately send e-mails to Amazon to say they would not order again from the company until it ceased offering the book. This is the type of action Amazon.com (and any other retail company) will understand.

Please write to Amazon.com today to considerately request that they immediately drop the book “Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers.”