When campus leftists defend terrorism

By WND Staff

The Arizona State University daily “The State Press” reported on Friday that the ASU chapter of Amnesty International and the Progressive Alliance were launching a campaign on behalf of a certain Yasser Almoodi, a Saudi national, to allow him back into this country following the government’s refusal to renew his visa.

For any that might still doubt whether or not an active fifth column is operating within the confines of our American campuses, this is a clear-cut case of the latest example of radical left-wing campus organizations providing solace and support for the enemies of our nation. You see, Almoodi is indeed a terrorist, and it is time that my generation recognizes that the lame politically correct mentality that allowed the World Trade Center terrorists into this country in the first place is exactly the very sentiment at the heart of the politics of leftist organizations on campus associated with the so-called “Progressive” Alliance.

Why exactly is Almoodi a terrorist? While at ASU, Yasser Almoodi actively participated in extremist hate-America organizations, as well as partaking in rallies denouncing our nation’s war on terror. Almoodi was essentially supporting the very intellectual groundwork that laid our fellow countrymen vulnerable to terrorists who couldn’t care less about “diversity” and “cultural sensitivity.” Almoodi was a terrorist, for he and his comrades in the more aptly named Regressive Alliance are diligently active in constructing an academic arena that seeks to bestow a moral legitimacy upon those that seek the destruction of our great American civilization.

Funny how we don’t find the campus organizations supporting Almoodi rushing to apologize when one of the associate organizations of the Campus Young Socialists distributed hate-filled literature denouncing our nation on the anniversary of 9-11, yet they expect sympathy in return.

The hypocritical nature of the campus left has indeed reached a quixotic crescendo. They denounced our war against the Taliban, they continue to rally against a war in Iraq and condemn the horrid injustices incurred against the poor at the behest of a Republican administration – yet when one of their own is now forced to live in the oppressive Arab theocracies that they had so adamantly supported in the past, they protest. Go figure.

Almoodi has nothing to complain about; he got off easy. Rather than the cushy lifestyle he now enjoys in Saudi Arabia – driving around a BMW checking out the lovely hairy ankles of Saudi co-eds – he deserves the fate of his terrorist soul mates rotting away in Guantanamo for crimes against humanity.

When will we finally wake up to the mortal danger that our nation faces and comprehend that we are facing an enemy that will not rest until they are either successful in destroying our blessed nation or destroyed themselves? We must fight this war by any means necessary, and I for one shall not shed a tear for the fate of the walking John Walker Lindhs that have become so firmly entrenched in my university.

Oubai Shahbandar is president of the Arizona Conservative Student Alliance and a leading student activist in the nation. He maintains a weblog and is a columnist for Phxnews.com.