By WND Staff

The October edition of WND’s popular monthly Whistleblower magazine – titled “GREEN WITH ENVY: Exposing radical environmentalists’ assault on Western civilization” – is a stunning investigative report on the radical environmentalist movement.

It documents how environmentalist-inspired laws outlawing asbestos caused the early collapse of the World Trade Center, killing thousands; how this year’s ferocious western wildfires were largely the result of environmentalist policies; how environmentalist policy elitists want to lock up as much as one-half of the United States as “Wilderness,” basically off-limits to humans; why the save-the-rainforest movement is a fraud; and much more.

“This edition of Whistleblower is devastating,” said WND editor and CEO Joseph Farah. “Even those who think they know what the environmentalist agenda is all about will be shocked – and enlightened.”

Contents include:

  • “Green outside, red inside” by Joseph Farah, showing the environmental movement’s true colors.
  • “The Wilderness ‘Blob’: Exposing the radical environmental transformation of America” by Henry Lamb, in which the author compares the almost unbelievable wilderness-expansion agenda of policy elitists to the classic horror movie, “The Blob.”
  • “Twin towers’ rapid collapse due to environmentalism?” by Jon E. Dougherty, which documents how multiple experts blame faulty fireproofing in the World Trade Center for its early collapse and resulting massive loss of life.
  • “AMAZON.CON” by Marc Morano and Kent Washburn, features a former head of Greenpeace, as well as many other experts, who document conclusively the utter fraud, bogus science and craven money-motivation behind the “save-the-rainforest” movement.
  • “Bring back DDT” by Joseph Farah, showing how one of the most beneficial and lifesaving chemicals in history became demonized.
  • “Playing with fire” by Sarah Foster, an amazing expose revealing, through first-person interviews, how environmental rules seriously hampered the efforts to fight a mammoth 500,000-acre wildfire this past summer.
  • “‘Smart-Growth’ plan riles black farmers” by Jon Berlau, pitting traditional Democrats against environmental elitists. As one black South Carolina landowner said: “The Sierra Club is now a chapter of the KKK.”
  • “Bush taking ‘dark path’ on global warming?” by Art Moore, showing how the Bush administration is dealing with intense pressure from environmentalists.
  • “Trashing the economy: How runaway environmentalism is wrecking America” by Ron Arnold and Alan Gottlieb, shows the staggering cost to the American economy of the environmental movement and its demands.
  • An in-depth resource page for readers who want to learn more and get involved in protecting their freedoms and property rights.

“I encourage every WorldNetDaily reader to read this issue of Whistleblower. It will make you angry,” said Farah, “but it will document, as never before, just how dangerous the environmentalist movement really is to freedom and everything America stands for.

“Best of all,” he added, “it profiles people effectively fighting back – from Oregon to Florida – and thus offers real hope that Americans can defeat this freedom-destroying green monster, and reclaim their country.”

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