Torch Swan-Song Trilogy

By Joseph Farah


Sen. Robert Torricelli, D-N.J., a no-good, cheap, on-the-take, crooked politician, cried like a little baby as he announced he would call off his bid for re-election – only after it became clear he was headed for almost certain defeat.


The idea now, apparently, is to find someone else who thinks just like this no-good crook to run in his place. And the Democratic Party is betting the people of New Jersey are stupid enough to vote for his stand-in.


Gov. James McGreevy told us what a great public servant Torricelli is. The two of them swapped stories about how they talk for hours a day on the telephone – how they have been the best of friends for 12 years. And that’s supposed to make New Jerseyites feel better about Torricelli. It ought to make them think real hard about their choice for governor.


Sen. Jon Corzine was the third figure in the Torch Swan-Song Trilogy. He, too, had nothing but praise for the no-good crook who took bribes from a man who is sitting in jail for making them, while Torricelli is permitted to finish out his term of office. Remember this, New Jersey, when Corzine’s term is up.


Do you know what this is all about, folks? This is about the Democratic Party leadership – not only in New Jersey but nationally – trying a switcheroo on the public because they are desperate to hold on to control of the U.S. Senate by hook or by crook.

They’re losing a crook, so here comes the hook.

This is not just about the Senate, though. It’s also about the courts. The Senate, under the leadership of Tom Daschle, has been waging a scorched-earth policy against judicial nominees put forth by President Bush. The Democrats are determined to prevent the seating of any judge or justice who won’t swear on a stack of Bibles that he or she believes that snuffing out the life of unborn babies is a fundamental constitutional right – if not a sacrament.

That’s what it is all about. That’s the explanation for all the sobbing, the tears and the other histrionics in Trenton yesterday.

The Democratic Party doesn’t believe in much, but it believes absolutely in abortion on demand, supported by taxpayers by any amount of coercion necessary. That’s plank No. 1 in its platform.

Losing the Senate is, thus, unthinkable.

Torricelli said as much at his teary-eyed press conference. He could not let his friends and party down – and all those who “believe in a woman’s right to choose.”

A woman’s right to choose? You notice they never finish that sentence? Choose what? Choose to kill the unborn baby in her womb. That’s really the only kind of “choice” Democrats believe in. That is the focal point of their worldview. That’s the principal tenet of their political ideology. That is the litmus test by which they measure good judges from bad.


Did you hear Torricelli whine that he had given us the best years of his life?

Oh, it is enough to make you sick to your stomach. The man took bribes. He’s been living at the public trough his entire adult life. Just like his hero, Bill Clinton, he’s never had a job outside of government. It’s pathetic.

“Don’t feel badly for me,” said Torricelli in his best Evita Peron line of the press conference. “I’ve changed people’s lives. I’m proud of every day of it, and I wouldn’t change a bit of it.”

These cheap, nickel-and-dime, bought-and-paid-for, crooked politicians sure think a lot of themselves, don’t they?

Changed people’s lives, indeed, and snuffed out a few along the way.


Let’s hope the residents of New Jersey don’t fall for this stage show. Let’s hope they have the good sense to punish the Democratic Party for the protection racket it has run for this criminal Torricelli and others like him. Let’s hope they never forget the role played by McGreevy, Corzine and Daschle in this political shell game.