Congressional traitors

By Joseph Farah

In another time, in a similar situation, Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., and Rep. David Bonior, D-Mich., would be indicted for high treason and face the death penalty for the stunt they pulled in Baghdad this week.

It would be justice if they received a capital sentence.

“I think the president would mislead the American people,” said McDermott from Baghdad. He suggested the U.S. is trying to “provoke a war.” He said our country has “put a gun to the head of Saddam.”

Bonior said Iraqi officials have assured them that weapons inspectors will have unrestricted ability to go wherever they want. They promised!

They said this while on foreign soil. They said this in a television interview from Baghdad. They said this under the sponsorship of Saddam Hussein. They said this with malice aforethought. They did all of this for no other reason than political benefit.

A third congressman, Mike Thompson, D-Calif., wasn’t quite so outspoken. He didn’t directly denounce the United States on hostile foreign territory. He merely traveled with this pair of immoral misfits and gave aid and comfort to Saddam Hussein along with them.

Let me tell you why this is treason. Let me explain why this is the kind of treachery no American should ever forget. Let me tell you why this trio should never again be accepted in polite company and ought to be, at the very least, turned out of their seats in the House of Representatives.

On Sept. 11, 2001, this country was viciously attacked without provocation. For a season that was much too short, most Americans rallied together in agreement that such aggression needed to be met by overwhelming force, that the perpetrators of this mass murder needed to be eliminated or captured by any and all means necessary, that the nation would not rest until all those involved had been dealt with once and for all.

Just a little more than a year later, the American consensus on these objectives has been broken.

Saddam Hussein is morally responsible and culpable for Sept. 11.

For years, as Yossef Bodansky and others have documented, he supported Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida in their terrorist plans – even going so far as to provide an airliner they could use to practice skyjacking. Hussein provided money. He provided men. He provided materiel. And he provided bases of operation.

People like McDermott and Bonior will tell you that Hussein’s interests and bin Laden’s simply don’t intersect – that Hussein is a secular tyrant and bin Laden is an Islamist zealot. Apparently they thought they had common interests in plotting the demise of America – because that’s just what they did for at least a decade before Sept. 11.

And that relationship didn’t change after Sept. 11, either. In fact, as Vice President Dick Cheney and other administration officials have begun to point out in recent weeks, al-Qaida terrorist cells are still operating in Iraq with Hussein’s approval.

They worked together before Sept. 11, and they are still working together.

Let’s remember why we attacked Afghanistan. There was only one reason. Because the Taliban government was hosting and protecting al-Qaida. There is no difference in Iraq today.

And that’s why the actions of McDermott and Bonior are beyond despicable, beyond the scope of mere “policy differences,” beyond the realm of loyal opposition and dissent in the American tradition.

McDermott and Bonior should be shunned by every good American if and when they ever come home. They should be impeached from office. Perhaps they should be sentenced to live in a hellhole like Iraq.

This war is not over, folks. It’s just beginning. Today WorldNetDaily reports the strong likelihood that al-Qaida is in possession of some 20 suitcase nuclear bombs and other weapons of mass destruction.

Iraq helped them get some of these weapons. They will be used against us. And if Hussein is allowed to continue in power in Iraq for another decade, he will develop even more deadly weapons with new delivery systems – all designed to be used on the American people.

McDermott and Bonior are apologists for Iraq.

Iraq is allied with al-Qaida.

What does that make McDermott and Bonior to the American people?