Bush leaves ‘ lawyering to the lawyers’

By Les Kinsolving

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In the wake of the decision by the New Jersey Supreme Court to allow a replacement Democrat on the state ballot for the office of U.S. senator, just two media representatives asked presidential press secretary Ari Fleischer today about the controversy. One was WorldNetDaily.

The first questioner asked Fleischer if Bush supported the GOP going to the U.S. Supreme Court to seek a reversal of the New Jersey decision. Fleischer responded: “The President thinks Doug Forrester is an outstanding candidate for the Senate, would make a great senator. He offers a very positive agenda for New Jersey. And the president leaves the lawyering to the lawyers.”

Later in the briefing, WND asked:

WND: Ari, to rephrase Jacobo’s question, the president surely is not opposed to his fellow Republicans going to the U.S. Supreme Court over this Lautenberg-in-for-Torricelli scheme, OK’d by this New Jersey court, which was so recently reversed by the Supreme Court regarding what they tried to do to the Boy Scouts.

FLEISCHER: Lester, I have no changes to what I said earlier.

WND then asked Fleischer about President Bush’s appearance at a fund-raiser for Rep. Bob Ehrlich, R-Md.

WND: The president, as you probably know – I didn’t see you there – but the president was tremendously well received last night. In fact it was a historic financial record-breaker in Baltimore for Congressman Bob Ehrlich’s campaign for governor. But Ehrlich’s rival, Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, who has strongly campaigned for school character education, has invited Bill Clinton. And my question is this: Does the White House think that this will be as good for character development in Maryland as if she had invited Sen. Torricelli? What is your viewpoint on this, Ari? (Laughter.)

FLEISCHER: Lester, I think the president addressed the issues that he raised last night in his remarks about the importance of that race.

WND: Were you there?

FLEISCHER: No, but I hang on every word that the president says, and so I watch it on internal White House TV. Thank you.

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