McDermott just looking for face time

By WND Staff

Please, Ellen. Spare us your reality-deficient defense of Sir Jim McDermott, America’s white knight, boldly going where no one else even wanted to go. I sat by and said nothing when you defended Crown Prince Abdullah in Saudi Arabia several months ago, saying that he and the Saudi people were our friends and allies and loved us. How did you know? Because you went to Saudi for a couple of weeks and got the government-directed, guided tour. What did you think they were going to tell you? That they hated us? Of course, you ignored all evidence to the contrary, including proof that the Saudi government had deliberately and illegally diverted American-made munitions to Hamas, Hezbollah and the Taliban. But that’s become a hallmark of the liberal position, ignore any evidence, no matter how solid, that disagrees with you.

Now, you come screeching out of the gate to praise Jim McDermott for being brave enough to go to Baghdad and denounce the president of his country with a picture of Saddam Hussein hanging over his shoulder in the background. You decried people who castigated McDermott as a traitor by pointing to his military service. Does that mean that history will treat Timothy McVeigh more kindly because he was a decorated veteran of the Gulf War? Will historians find that McVeigh just chose to make his statement symbolically rather than verbally? Does my counter argument stretch the limits of credulity? Yes, and so does yours.

Lord knows that I’m no fan of Al Gore, but you chastise Al, and rightly so, for playing politics in his recent tirade against Bush’s stance against Iraq. What in the world was Jim McDermott doing but exploiting an international crisis just to get his name on CNN? You say it opened up a debate. I don’t think so. Most Democrats are running for cover from Mr. McDermott, and they should. His argument that we’re rushing to war and that we should “give inspections a chance” is without any merit. There is no rush to war. I’ve watched from both Kuwait and the United States as Iraqi lies and intransigence over the last decade have doomed the inspection process to failure.

Jim McDermott has every right to voice his criticism of President Bush, loud and strong – but not in the enemy’s backyard. Not in a forum where it appears that he is choosing sides. His appearance was an affront to the office he holds, his colleagues, the men and women serving the United States across the globe and the American people. McDermott’s investigatory mission to Baghdad was just like your trip to Saudi. They showed him what they wanted him to see. They let him talk to the people they wanted him to talk to. But that didn’t matter. The fact is that he already knew what he was going to say in Baghdad before he ever left the states. It was the stage he wanted, the perfect venue for the maximum exposure.

War is the worst of all worlds. War is no respecter of age, gender or religion. It kills with utter ruthlessness. Going to war is no small thing. But this war is of Saddam Hussein’s making, not George Bush’s. Maybe the cheers should be for President Bush as he makes the difficult, but correct, choice to stop a major threat to world peace.

Tony Hays is an experienced print journalist. His articles on the Middle East have appeared on both WorldNetDaily and in Insight Magazine, and since 9-11 he has been in frequent demand on national talk-radio shows discussing the Middle East and terrorism. From 1997 to 1998, he was the chairman of the Overseas Security Advisory Council for Kuwait. At present, he is on assignment in the Mediterranean.